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Norwegian Summer Throwdown

Welcome back to the mountains of Gol for our summer community competition! This is a competition for everyone - all levels of fitness. All will compete in teams of two.

The battle goes on for two days (August 14-15) to find our winners!



This is an ON-SITE competition at Storefjell Resort in Gol, Norway on August 14-15 2020. We will throw down in 5 events and finish off Saturday evening with a celebration!



FRIDAY (2 events)

15.00 Athlete checkin

16.00 Athlete briefing


SATURDAY (3 events)

07.30 Event 3

21.00 Prize Ceremony & Celebration Dinner



Day one all teams will compete in the same division. Then for day two, we will split the field into an intermediate division and RX based on your placement on the leaderboard of day 1. Both divisions will have minimum 3 events on day 2.



  • Run as fast as you can
  • Lift as heavy as you can
  • Do fitness as fast as you can!

Movements could include: Dumbbell variations, box jumps, wall balls, toes to bar, pull ups, burpees or machine work.

Minimum requirements (men/women):

  • Deadlift: 110 / 75
  • Barbell snatch: 50 / 35
  • Clean&Jerk: 70 / 50
  • Dumbbell snatch: 22,5 / 15
  • Toes to bar: 1
  • Pullups (anyhow): 1



Today we will separate each category in to 2 divisions based their day 1 placing.

For the teams that do not move up you can expect a similar standard of testing to day 1. Workouts will have a focus on FITNESS without the inclusion of the really advanced skills. 

The top teams will move up to an RX category where you can expect to see heavier barbells, some more advanced gymnastics and some tougher time caps!

Overall you can expect a great test of fitness in one of the best locations in the world for a competition.



Choose your partner as you wish:

  • Female / Female
  • Male / Male
  • Female / Male

Each pairing will be its own division, with its own leaderboard and winner.



The competition fee is 2000NOK per team. 

  • 2 days of competition - 5 events
  • Gifts from our sponsors
    • Nocco
    • Barebells
    • Train Like Fight
    • Eleiko
    • Aktivitet Norge
    • Storefjell Resort
    • Tights.no



Book your stay at Storefjell Resort yourself at https://www.storefjell.no/

Included in the accommodation cost:

  • Breakfast, lunch & dinner
  • Spa entrance
  • Arcade hall
  • Nightclub entrance



In collaboration with the City Office of Gol and Storefjell Resort we have developed a plan to uphold all regulations for hygiene and safety regarding Covid-19. All athletes are required to adhere to instructions in this regard during their stay. Anyone presenting any symptom of Covid-19 will not be permitted to enter the arena.

Athletes will be responsible for ensuring their ability to enter Norway for the competition. No athletes will be permitted to compete while in quarantine. No refunds will be given to participants who are unable to come.