UG Series Presents: The 50/50 Challenge - 2

Event description

For Challenge #2

This Sunday, June 14th, 50/50 format 50% of all registration fees (excluding processing fee) will be put into the prize bundle. 50% will be donated to Black Legal Action Centre (BLAC).

  • 10 competitors = $50 in prizes/ $50 donation
  • 50 competitors = $250 in prizes/ $250 donation
  • 100 competitors = $500 in prizes/ $500 donation
  • etc.

We will be introducing 2 divisions, Open and Masters (35+). If you are 30 and register for the open division, 50% of your registration will go towards the open prize pool. If you are 45 and register for master, then 50% of your registration goes towards the Masters prize pool. This means that your potential prize will be dependent on the number of registrants in your specific division.





  • Max effort handstand hold for time

30 Second Rest

  • Max effort lunge hold for time (R)

30 Second Rest

  • Max effort lunge hold for time (L)

30 Second Rest

  • Max effort plank hold for time

30 Second Rest

  • Max effort Strongman Crucifix hold for time (with 2 soup cans)

30 Second Rest

  • Max effort wall sit for time


Athletes will start by kicking up, or walking themselves up to a handstand position against a wall. They will hold this position for as long as they can. When no longer able to hold the position, they will rest for 30 seconds before starting the next movement. They will continue through the holds with this format, until their last wall sit. The winner will be the athlete that lasts the longest. Take your final time and subtract your rest periods (2.5min) for your total time in holds.



Handstand Hold- Can be facing the wall or facing away from the wall. The only thing touching the wall can be your feet.

Lunge- Simple lunge position, with one foot in front of the other, with a knee hovering above the floor. Both legs must have a 90 degree bend for the entire period. You can not touch the floor with your knee, or start creeping into a taller position. You will perform each leg as their own movement with a rest in between. You must perform the lunge laterally to the camera so we can ensure you are not breaking the 90 degree position.

Plank- The plank will be performed with a straight body with elbows on the ground. Plank must be performed laterally to the camera so we can ensure you are not deviating from a straight body into an arched position.

Crucifix Hold- 425g soup can minimum, any can or bottle that is heavier as long as it has the weight on the product. You will hold one can in each hand arms extended straight to your side above the height of your shoulders with palms facing forward. You will hold your hands with the cans as long as possible above the height of your shoulders until your hands fall too low (below shoulder height). You can show show the weight of the cans/bottle/object prior to starting the entire event or during your 30 second rest prior to starting the hold. 

Wall Sit- To be performed with back against the wall with thighs parallel to the floor in a 90 degree knee bend. Arms can not be placed on your knees for any sort of support. Entire back must stay on the wall the entire time.


In order to win and be provided your 50% of proceeds you must be able to supply full video upon request as proof of your attempt. In one complete video you must record all holds and the weight/grams of your cans. We recommend propping your camera up facing the wall where you will do your handstand hold. From here you will do all of your other holds in front of the wall and will return to the wall for your wall sit. Perform your lunge holds and your plank with your camera to your side so that we can properly view your knee angles in the lunges and your straight back in the plank. For your own sake, we recommend using WODProof app which includes a clock with your video so you can time your rests. An external clock can be used for your own timing if preferrred. The video does not need to to have a time present as we can use our own time stamps to verify your scores.


This is a fun event and we are relying on some honesty. We will provide a live Google Sheet where you will be responsible for uploading your results on your own. Despite us only requesting video confirmation from the winner, there is nothing you gain from cheating. 


What you need to know:

-All scores must be uploaded in the Google Sheet by 6pm on Sunday. No late scores will be accepted.

-We will run a Zoom recap Sunday night formally announcing the winner, the $ amount won and the $ amount donated, recapping the day.

-A follow up email will be sent Sunday Morning including access to the Google Sheet and Zoom link for the debrief and awards recap. Ensure you check your junk folder if you do not recieve it. 



Not so fine print:

  • We will not issue Refunds or substitutions. 
  • If you unofficially win (after you upload results on Google Sheet prior to 6pm) and are unable to provide email video proof by 7:30pm Sunday night we will move down the list.
  • We will be introducing 2 divisions, Open and Masters. You classify for Masters if you are over 35 years old on Sunday.