2020 Koda First Timer's Open

Onsite Competition for Individuals

Event description

Koda is proud to host the 8th annual “1st Timer’s Open” Fitness Competition. This will be a 1-day competition with at least 4 workouts that will test athletes in a variety of movements and energy pathways.

The Two Goals
1) Make this the “1st Step” into competitive Fitness for local athletes. It will be open to anyone who has not previously competed in a Fitness Competition.
2) Give athletes a chance to compete against other local up-and-comers while giving valuable feedback on areas of their competitive game that need improving.
Anyone above the age of 18 is eligible to enter the 1st Timer’s Open as long as they have not competed in a CrossFit competition before.
Our definition of a Fitness competition – Entry fee was required, athletes had a judge, scores were tallied, and winners were recognized.
-Festivus Games
-Cupid’s Revenge
-Fittest in OK
If you competed in any of the above (or competitions like those above) you are NOT eligible to compete in the 1st Timer’s Open.
Events that DO NOT disqualify you from competing in the 1st Timer’s Open:
-The CrossFit Open
-Fundraising/Charity Events (No judges, no podium, no registration, no prizes)
-Gym vs Gym challenges
Divisions: Men’s Advanced – Women’s Advanced – Men’s Beginner – Women’s Beginner
Men’s and Women’s RX – Does most workouts rx’d and is proficient in the following movements.
-Gymnastics- air squats, pull ups, ring dips, box jumps, toes to bar
-Weightlifting – Squats, Cleans, Presses, KB Swings, Deadlifts, OVHS
-Monostructural – Running, Rowing, Double Unders
Men’s and Women’s Scaled– Does 50-75% of their workouts rx’d and is proficient in the following movements.
-Gymnastics- air squats, sit-ups, toes through rings, box jumps, pushups
-Weightlifting – Squats, Cleans, Presses, KB Swings, Deadlifts, Thrusters
-Monostructural – Running and Rowing