Event description

4 Weeks. 4 Missions.

Something new is coming.

A new way, to put your fitness to the test. To prove you are made of more.

What this ISN’T is just another online challenge or competition. 

Instead - we’re partnering with the United States Air Force to bring you a series of 4 interactive workout experiences we’re calling MISSIONS in 4 weeks. 

Each mission is lead by an active duty special worker airmen, who will team up with you to guide you through a workout based on REAL missions, inspired by historic events.

These missions will be posted in real-time on instagram stories. With the first post on Friday - you’ll get your gear list so you can prepare. And on Saturday - your mission kicks off with everything you need to get to work: from details on the workout, to inspiration from the men and women who were ACTUALLY there - the boots on the ground that used their minds, bodies, and hearts to fulfill their missions. 

Join us in real-time, or re-watch anytime by using highlights. 

Post your score, and get entered to win a host of prizes.

But just know… it’s not going to be easy.

But you wouldn’t want it that way, would you? You’re not coming for that. 

You’re coming… because you are made of more. 

**If you are unable to take part in real-time, the mission will be on our Highlights where you can do it at your convenience. For the full experience, don't skip ahead and follow along as you complete each part!**

The Mission Brief
Every Friday starting June 12, a U.S. Air Force Special Warfare Airmen will brief you on key details about the mission. From equipment to clues about what to expect, you will have 24 hours to prepare.

Complete the Mission
Every Saturday at 9:00am PST, details will be released in real-time where you will follow the slides, completing movements and a workout that simulate combat and humanitarian missions based on true events. Imagine being IN a video game, but the feeling is real. 

Share Your Score
At the end, you will be able to screenshot the last story, fill out your scores and share them yourself on instagram. In doing so, you will be eligible to win a host of prize packs. To unlock higher value prize packs, you can enter your scores directly here. Once the mission launches, you have until the following Wednesday to submit and win prizes for that week. To win the grand prize, you must complete all 4 missions. You can join in at anytime to enter for the grand prize as long as all 4 missions are complete!

Win Prizes
With our partners & sponsors, we have over 100 prize packs worth $20,000+ that will be awarded throughout the 4 weeks just by participating in a mission.