Jersey Partner Throwdown Finals 2017

Onsite Competition for Teams

Event description

Jersey Partner Throwdown 2017 is the first same-sex paired competition for athletes on the beautiful island of Jersey, Channel Islands

Following the qualifiers, the top 70 teams will be invited to Jersey in the Channel Islands to compete at the 6,000 sq ft Jersey Gym in the Jersey Partner Throwdown final on February 4th 2017.

  • -20 Elite Mens Teams
  • -20 Elite Womens Teams
  • -15 Scaled Mens Teams
  • -15 Scaled Womens Teams

Please note that there is a fee of £45 + booking fee to secure your place in the finals.

So what can you expect at this years finals:

All Teams will perform 4 WODS!

The top 6 teams of each category will then progress to the semi finals!

With the top 3 going head to head in the finals!

Please find below full event details including Flights & Accommodation links should this be needed for your journey to Jersey:

Date: 4th February 2017

Venue Address: Jersey Gym 24 Commercial Buildings St Helier Jersey Channel Islands JE2 3NB

Athlete Registration: 7.30-8.00am

Estimated Event Start & Finish:

9:00-9.30am WOD1 Start

6:30-7:00pm Finals & Trophy Presentation

All athletes must bring their own training kit, including their speed ropes, as these may be used during the competition. Athletes will be issued with an athlete wrist band to wear throughout the event which will allow access to the warm up area and competition floor. Spectators will also receive a wristband to allow access from viewing area. Athletes will also receive their personalised Jersey Throwdown 2017 athlete t-shirt at registration too if they pre-ordered one online.

Flight Links

The following airlines are the most popular travelling to and from Jersey…

Boat Links

Boats also run from Poole & Portsmouth in UK, and from St Malo in France.

Accommodation Links

The ideal place to stay in Jersey is in St Helier. This is the main town for shopping, bars, clubs, hotels, and only a short walk to Jersey Gym. Nevertheless, anywhere you stay in the island of Jersey is only max 20 Minutes taxi/bus journey away.

We have managed to secure a great deal at a wonderful hotel, the Pomme d’Or, which is right by the gym, the town centre and Marina as detailed below. We will be sending out a promo code in order to get this deal within the next 10 days but the promo will be as follows:

Pomme d’Or Hotel:

Bed & Breakfast

Classic Twin / Double rooms @ £89.00 per room per night. Upgrades available. Should the above not be right for you, a complete list of accommodation in Jersey can also be found by clicking here

Further Information:


To book a spectator ticket for £20 at this years finals please clicking here


All athletes & spectators can park in a multi-story car park directly behind the venue on the day.


Male bars will be 28mm 20kg bars & the females will be using 25mm 15kg bars during the finals.


There will be plenty of fresh food (hot & cold) and coffee/drinks available throughout the day at our onsite cafe. However, please prepare ahead if any particular allergies, intolerance or special requirements. The gym is also 2 minutes walk from all the main cafe’s, restaurants and supermarkets.



Congratulations to everyone who qualified and for making this year’s finals and wish you the best of luck on the day in February!

If you have any queries please contact us on, via our Facebook page Jersey Throwdown Series or on 07700705145.

Scoring: For Weight: Heavier is Better

6 Min Cap 0-3:00 mins Athlete 1 – 2RM Hang Snatch 3:00-6:00 mins Athlete 2 – 2RM Hang Clean *Choose which athlete goes for each lift.

Scoring: For Repetitions: More is Better

*Both athletes work through reps in any order using one barbell only. RX (70/50kg) Scaled (50/35kg) 7 Minute AMRAP 9 Deadlifts + 6 Hang Cleans + 3 Shoulder To Overhead 12 Deadlifts + 9 Hang Cleans + 6 Shoulder To Overhead 15 Deadlifts + 12 Hang Cleans + 9 Shoulder To Overhead And so on…plus 3 reps of each exercise per round!

Scoring: For Time: Fastest is Better

11 Minute Cap For Time Elite 50 Sec Ring L-Sit Hold (Accumulated) 50 HSPU 50 TTB 50 Alternating Weighted Pistols (20/10kg) 50 Synchro Up-Downs 50 Sec Ring L-Sit Hold (Accumulated) Scaled 50 Sec Ring Tuck Hold (Accumulated) 50 Hand Release Push Ups 50 Hanging Knee Raises 50 Alternating Overhead Weighted Lunges (20/15kg) 50 Synchro Up-Downs 50 Sec Ring Tuck Hold (Accumulated)

Scoring: For Repetitions: More is Better

WOD 3 – DOUBLE UP FRAN - 8 MINUTE AMRAP RX: SCALED: 40 C2B Pull Ups (m) / pull ups (f) 40 Pull Ups (m) / ring rows (f) 30 Thrusters (60/40kg) 30 Thrusters (45/30kg) 30 C2B Pull Ups (m) / pull ups (f) 30 Pull Ups (m) / ring rows (f) 20 Thrusters (60/40kg) 20 Thrusters (45/30kg) 20 C2B Pull Ups (m) / pull ups (f) 20 Pull Ups (m) / ring rows (f) 10 Thrusters (60/40kg) 10 Thrusters (45/30kg) In Remaining Time Max Reps – Double Unders* *Partner must hold barbell used for thrusters above head for DU reps to count) • BOTH ATHLETES WORK THROUGH REPS IN ANY ORDER, ONE ATHLETE AT A TIME USING ONE BARBELL AND ONE PULL UP BAR ONLY • IN THE REMAINING TIME IN ORDER FOR THE DOUBLE UNDERS TO COUNT AS GOOD REPS THE ATHLETE HOLDING THE BARBELL OVERHEAD MUST HAVE ARMS, HIPS AND KNEES LOCKED OUT AND BE IN CONTROL OF THE BAR. ANY DOUBLE UNDERS COMPLETED WHEN THE STANDARDS ARE NOT MET WILL NOT BE COUNTED.

Scoring: For Time: Fastest is Better

SEMI FINAL – AMANDALAND - FOR TIME (8 MINUTE TIME CAP) RX: 21-15-9-3 Ring Muscle Ups (m) / Chest to Ring Pull Ups (f) Squat Snatch @ 70/50kg SCALED: 21-15-9-3 Chest to Ring Pull Ups (m) / Pull Ups (f) Squat Snatch @ 50/30kg

Scoring: For Time: Fastest is Better

FINAL – CHIPZILLA - FOR TIME (12 MIN TIME CAP) RX: 700/500m Row 60 Heavy Wall Balls (15/9kg) 50/40m Handstand Walk (5x10m Unbroken (m) / 8x5m Unbroken (f)) 40/30 Calorie Assault Bike 30 Burpee Box Jump Overs (24/20”) 20 D-Ball To Shoulder (60/40kg) (10m D-Ball Carry every 5 reps) 10 Legless Rope Climbs (m) / Rope Climbs (f) SCALED: 700/500m Row 60 Wall Balls (9/7kg) 50m Weighted Bear Walk (5 x 10m Unbroken (20/15kg)) 40/30 Calorie Assault Bike 30 Burpee Box Jump Overs (24/20”) 20 D-Ball To Shoulder (40/30kg) (10m D-Ball Carry every 5 reps) 10 Rope Climbs (m) / Floor To Standing (f)