BOA Straight Outta Quarantine

Virtual Competition for Teams

Event description

After our highly participated in Crushing Corona Online Challenge, we decided it was time for a Straight Outta Quarantine Online Challenge to include barbells and other common implements. 

This will be another five weeks of competition with an event released each week on Monday evening at 5:30 PM Central.

Here is how to make a team:

Teams of four.

Divisions: Male, Female, Coed 2/2, Any type team of four

Teams of four different decades. That can be done two ways. 

Four different numerals in the start of the age. Ex. (20,40,50,60) 

Four different birth decades. Ex. (1970's, 1990's, 2000's, 2010's.)

Teams can't be a combination of both. 

There is also a division for teams of four made up any way you want.