Event description

3 Weeks - Max Snatch + Max Clean + "Isa-Grace"

$25.00 Registration fee

Registration will remain open through the entire 3 weeks.


Men's and Women's categories with 4 age groups.

(16-22), (23-29), (30-36), and 37+

YOU will use the "Sinclair Coefficient" to obtain a total score for the max lifts. There is a calculator HERE That requires you to enter your bodyweight in kilograms.  To get kilograms simply divide any weight by 2.2

WE will post video submissions of your individual lifts to our facebook and instagram pages.  Videos must be current and not of old lifts.  You will be responsible for verifying your weights used either before or after the lift is completed.  The ENTIRE lift must be recorded. 

So here is the process:

During the 3 weeks you can do any workout at anytime.  There are 3 workouts to complete, however, there will be only 2 scores to submit.  One will be the calculated Sinclair score and the other will be your "Isa-Grace" time.  The Sinclair score uses your total from both the lifts and a coefficient which is based around your bodyweight BOTH IN KILOGRAMS (HEY USE THIS SITE!)  WE WILL NEED YOUR BODYWEIGHT either in lbs. or kg. to double check you Sinclair score.

We realize it would look pretty boring to check the score site and only see a calculated number like 152.92 and this is not very exciting to see, so we will have a secondary score site/area on our facebook page which will list each individial lift with your video posted or reposted.  YOU CAN USE SOCIAL MEDIA to upload your video submissions.  We will need a video submission of both lifts as verification.  BOTH LIFTS DO NOT HAVE TO BE COMPLETED AT THE SAME TIME. BUT, you can only enter your score using the Sinclair site after you get a total.  So lets say you post your calculated sinclair score,  we can double check what was posted by using the calculator, your bodyweight, and your videos of both the lifts.  Make sure to either tag us or hashtag #crossfitleveler or #wodamanialiftoff if you use social media to post your lifts.

Winners of each category will be determined after both the Sinclair score and "Isa-Grace" score are entered.


THE SNATCH standards:

Either power(non squat) or catching in a squat is acceptable.  A slight press out is also acceptable as long as it happens above the head. You must show complete control with the barbell locked out overhead and standing tall before the barbell is lowered.  DO NOT LOWER THE BARBELL BEFORE HIPS AND KNEES ARE EXTENDED!

THE CLEAN standards:

Either power(non squat) or catching in a squat is acceptable.  As with the snatch, standing tall with the weight is required. DO NOT DUMP THE WEIGHT BEFORE HIPS AND KNEES ARE EXTENDED!

"ISA-GRACE" standards:

10 minute time cap!

30 Snatch and 30 Clean & Jerks for time.

There will be a Rx and scaled score option.

RX= M-135, F-95

Scaled= M-95, F-65

Remember, doing the scaled option will automatically put you below any score that is Rx regardless of how many reps are completed.

We will verify your reps after you submit your score and video.  YouTube seems to be the easiest way to upload your video and then give the link. 


The snatch reps must be completed before moving on to the clean & jerks!  Standing tall with the barbell locked out overhead is required.  Power snatch is acceptable.  The barbell must NOT stop at the shoulders when going overhead.  The biggest faults we have seen are lowering the barbell before standing tall.  DO NOT BRING THE BARBELL DOWN AS YOU STAND TALL. This is a no rep!

Clean & jerks:

The barbell must stop at the shoulders after the clean and then go overhead.  Power cleans are acceptable as is any form of shoulder to overhead.  The rep counts when arms are locked out overhead and hips + knees are extended.  Again the biggest faults we have seen are lowering the barbell before standing tall.  DO NOT BRING THE BARBELL DOWN AS YOU STAND TALL.

As long as the standards are met, the reps can be performed as fast as possible.

NO-REPS in your videos will be counted as a 3 second penalty shoud you finish under the time cap, or subtracted from your total if you do not finish!  Enough no-reps and you will be asked to redo the workout, so be smart!  Either way you will be contacted.