Virtual Competition for Individuals and teams

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Pandemics! AM I RIGHT! 

Look our gyms are homes away from homes. The owners and members are like family and even just going 2 months without them was awful. I have visited several gyms and talked to some owners and they all said the same thing. "We miss our members and it’s going to take a while to recover from this." Even though gyms are opening a lot of our local gyms got hit really hard and need some help. Not only that they are limiting the amount of members that can come into the gym at a time So let’s do what we do and help! Thus PMG was created.

This competition was created and designed for our local gyms. Whats cool about it? 50% of the profit will go to your local gym. All you have to do is grab a partner and sign up. Let us know who your affiliate is and we will send a check to them at the end of the competition! Sweet!

The idea is to pump some money into our gyms for new equipment and new assets to drive more people into your gym. Ive always looked at competition as a great way to strengthen a gym and build up the community. 



Registration opens 5/11 and goes through 5/30

Competition starts 6/7-7/5

-$25 per athlete. 

-Kid division is an individual division. Reg. is only $10

-Teams of 2

-RX/Scaled Division MM/FF

Each athlete will receive a custom shirt! Details on pick up will be listed later. Each Sunday a WOD will be announced. Athletes will have until Saturday of that week to complete and submit a score. 


Division Breakdown:


This is a local comp so we want a lot of people to join in. If you RX at your gym you should be able to RX in this comp. These are some movements but they will not be limited to this.

Snatch (135/95lb)

Clean & Jerk (185/115lb)

Chest to Bar Pull-Ups, Double-Unders, Ring/Bar Muscle-Ups, Toes to Bar,  Strict Handstand Push-Ups, Legless Rope Climbs.

Proficiency performing any movements with dumbbells (50/35lb)


This is a great way to get your feet wet in the competition world. Its a fun comp that you can do in your own box and with a community you already work out with. These are some movements that may be programmed but we are not limiting too...

Snatch (95/65lb)

Clean & Jerk (135/95lb)

Pull Ups, Single Unders, Box Jumps, Body weight movements, ETC

Proficiency performing any movements with dumbbells (55/35lb)


To qualify for masters we will be going off of a combined age. You and your partners combined age must be 70 or older. For example if you and your partners age is 35 then you would qualify for our Masters division. Likewise if your partner was 50 and your age was 20 you would qualify as well.This will be treated as a lighter RX division and will be a Saturday only competition.

Because we will not be breaking this division  into multiple age groups we will be making this a RX Light division. Things that can be expected in this division:

All Bar Bell Movements. No limitations.

155#/105# cleans/squat cleans

55/35 dumbbell movements

115/95 snatch

225#/155# dead lift

body weight movements: 

squats, burpees, box jumps/overs, pull ups, chest 2 bar, double unders. 

Things this division will not have that RX could see:

Handstand Push ups

Handstand Walks

Muscle Ups


Teen Boy and Girl 13-15

Our teen division will be treated similar to our scaled divisions. These are some movements that may be programmed but we are not limiting too...

Snatch (75/45lb)

Clean & Jerk (95/55lb)

Pull Ups, Single Unders, Box Jumps, Body weight movements, ETC

Proficiency performing any movements with dumbbells (35/15lb)


Children will have all body weight workouts. This is an individual division. WODs will be released the same time as the other divisions. This division WILL NOT receive a shirt. 

This is an online competition that is designed for people to compete at their local gyms with friends and fellow members. We still need to follow our local governments recommendations on social distancing so please adhere to your gyms rules and regulations in regards to Covid-19. WODs will be programmed to accommodate these regulations.

Our intention is to provide as much help as we can for our local gyms. Ive said this before but my home gym is more than a gym its a family. I love going to the gym to be with friends and get healthy. I don’t want our gym owners to feel like they are on their own so I hope this is a fun way to create a stimulus for them to put into their gyms. 


WOD 1 


12 Min AMRAP

30 Dumbell Snatch (55/35 RX, Scaled, Masters) (35/15 Teens)

15 Burpee Box Jump Overs (24/20) All Divisions

Partners will have their own equipment (1 DB, 1 Box) and will not tap in and out of movements. They will simply have to communicate when to trade off the movement. If partner B starts a movement before Partner A has finished their movement it will be considered a no rep. Please follow all gym and government suggested regulations. Please practice social distancing and clean equipment after the workout.

*Shirts will be available for all registered athletes. Utah Athletes will have a specific pick up date for thier shirts at a location soon to be decided. Athletes outside of Utah will need to email in a physical address and will need to pay for shipping via Paypal request.