YørFit TriFecta

Virtual Competition for Teams

Event description

This is a Three person team event that will take place over the next four weeks (May 5th-31st). Decide who your team captain is going to be and they will be the one to sign you all up.

There are two divisions, Health and Competitive. Health is just for the fun of it and Competitive you're trying to win!

If at any point someone is unable to continue during the 4 weeks let Luke know and we will get you a replacement.

Workouts for the week will be released on Monday.

The traditional Crossfit workouts will be randomly released throughout the 4 weeks.

The first three events will be released on Monday May 4th.

Feel free to include your family in this event. The whole idea is to keep you all motivated and moving so if including them helps with that do it!

Facebook Live Video Monday moring at 1100 for explanation of the first three events.