Event description


CrossFit Salt de Terre and The Youth Crisis Center invite adults and teens to compete together, at our first ever Fight to Flourish event, raising funds and awareness for Teen Suicide. This event is inspired by the passing of a fellow CrossFitter, Cora Schryver of Ojai, CA who took her life at age 13. Cora loved animals, the outdoors, and CrossFit. In her gym, she was known for “pushing people past their comfort zones,” always giving it her all, and for wearing only Converse sneakers when working out. Through this partner style competition, our aim is to honor and remember the teens, families, and loved ones, like Cora’s, affected by teen suicide. Event proceeds will be donated to The Youth Crisis Center, to aid in their mission of caring for those “who have been exposed to traumatic situations such as divorce, homelessness, relocation, loss of life, bullying and abuse” and in their efforts to build a recreation center for their teen residents.  

Event participants are encouraged to workout in Converse sneakers, in remembrance of Cora, if they have them. 

Event registration is open and will run through May 5th. Event capped at 50 teams. Cost is $40 per team that registers before May 1st and $50 per team that registers after May 1st. Team scholarships are available.

During the event, we will have a vendor village on-site, featuring local health and wellness products for teens and adults, as well as a food truck and smoothie station. Spectators are free and we encourage all attendees to patronize our neighbor brewery, Tabula Rasa Brewing.

This event will have six divisions: Adult Male/Teen Male, Adult Female/Teen Female, Adult Male/Teen Female, Adult Female/Teen Male, Adult Female/Adult Female, Adult Male/Adult Male, Adult Male/Adult Female. Fight to Flourish is designed to be a fun, approachable event. This means you won’t see any super high level gymnastics skills like muscle ups, pistols, handstand walks, etc. and the weights will be manageable for the majority of skill levels. That said, scaling is absolutely allowed (see below).

T-shirts are included in the price of registration. Registration closes one week prior to the event date, or when the event sells out (whichever comes first). You must register by May 5th to get a t-shirt. 

There will be one written movement standard for each movement for this event, but scaling will be allowed. If you do scale a movement your team is just eliminated from prizes. Scores will still be shown on the leaderboard. Only the workout scaled will be denoted on the leaderboard as “scaled”. “Scaled” scores will fall below all “Rx” scores on that workout. Scaled movements will still be judged on your standard.


24 HOUR CANCELLATION RULE: Once you sign up for an event, you have 24 hour where you can withdraw for a 100% refund.  Requests MUST be made via email to hello@saltdeterre.com and time stamped with 24 hours of your registration receipt. This rule supersedes both the 30 day and 21 day deadlines for refund percentages. This rule also supersedes the Event Sell Out rule.  

GREATER THAN 30 DAY RULE: From 24 hours after your registration until 30 days prior to the event the MAXIMUM REFUND GRANTED WILL BE 75% of your registration fee MINUS PROCESSING AND PLATFORM FEES. The EVENT SELL OUT RULE does supersede this 30 day rule.

30 DAY RULE: At 30 Days prior to the event THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS GRANTED

EVENT SELL OUT RULE: Once an event sells out, the MAXIMUM REFUND GRANTED WILL BE 60% of your registration fee MINUS PROCESSING AND PLATFORM FEES.  The proximity to the event date itself DOES NOT supersede this rule.

WORKOUT RELEASE RULE: Once the first FULL workout description is released, the MAXIMUM REFUND GRANTED WILL BE 60%.  The proximity to the event date itself DOES NOT supersede this rule.



2021 Fight to Flourish TRANSFER POLICY

Transferring your registration to another individual or team is 100% depending on the event itself.  For some events this is a very easy swap. Other events can ONLY handle transfers when you are replacing yourself or your team with someone of the same gender, division, weight needs, etc.   ALL TRANSFER REQUESTS must be emailed to HELLO@SALTDETERRE.COM.  NO OTHER FORM OF COMMUNICATION WILL BE RESPONDED TO FOR TRANSFER REQUESTS.  All requests are handled on a case by case basis.  If we are able to accommodate your request there is NO FEE involved with processing a transfer. 

2021 Fight to Flourish WAITING LIST POLICY

Once an event sells out, the ticket option will automatically change to WAITLIST SPOT ONLY.  There will be a 100% NON REFUNDABLE fee of $5/athlete (total fee will depend on individual or team size).  Waitlists will be limited to 10% of the total capacity of the event itself. If/when a spot opens up, an invoice will be generated and sent to the email address that signed up for the waitlist.  That person will have 3 days to pay the invoice to secure their (or their team) spot in the event. If the invoice is NOT paid, the invoice will be cancelled and they will be dropped back down to the bottom of the waiting list.  

At 30 days prior to the event, the 3 day rule on the invoice will NO LONGER BE IN EFFECT.  IF a waitlist still exists at that time ALL teams on the waiting list will be emailed and the spot will be given on a first come, first serve basis.

E-mails requesting to be added to waiting lists will NOT be honored.  

2021 Fight to Flourish WORKOUT RELEASE POLICY

CrossFit Salt de Terre and its Event Partners and Sponsors reserve the right to release workouts for events whenever we see fit.  Our general rule is 30 days prior to an event. If an event has multiple dates it will be 30 days prior to the FIRST weekend  

2021 Fight to Flourish PHOTO POLICY

By signing up for an event you are NOT guaranteed to get photos of yourself (or multiple photos of yourself).  We do our best to capture the event, but there are 100+ of you and only one photographer. If guaranteed photos of yourself are a priority you must bring your own photographer to shoot only you from behind the caution tape. This doesn’t change the fact that we do TRY OUR BEST to get photos of everyone competing.

Photos will ALWAYS be posted within one week (7 days) of the event taking place. Photos will be placed into an online album and shared via social media. The link will also be posted to our website.cPhotos can be downloaded from this link. You are welcome to download and use these photos however you wish. CrossFit Salt de Terre also reserves the right to use any photos in future marketing and social promotions.