CrossFit Strongsville Meters For Murph 2020

Virtual Competition for Individuals

Event description

Between April 26th and May 24th everybody will track how many meters they perform for running, walking, hiking, jogging, rowing, AirDyne/Echo biking, skiing, cycling, spinning, swimming, crawling, dragging, pushing, and handstand walking.

Each participant will be responsible for tracking THEIR OWN distances and inputting it into the appropriate weekly score submission from through this competition platform on their account. Each Weekly score input can be edited as you go, or entered in as a lump sum amount. Coaches will not be inputting scores for participants.

There will be a random draw at the conclusion for prizes with increased numbers of entries based on milestones of meters accomplished per individual. The drawing will occur on Memorial Day, May 25, 2020 and subsequently announced. All scores must be in by 10PM Sunday May 24th as an absolute deadline.

Every meter will count towards the distance you've covered, so WODs, conditioning bouts, casual walks, etc., will all add towards it BUT you're still responsible for updating the total distance on your own. 

It also helps to post to social media (Facebook and/or Instagram) with proof of the distance covered (ie through a running app or picture of a rower display), AND a sweaty selfie, AND tagging @CrossFitStrongsville AND the following hashtags #getstronginstrongsville #crossfitstrongsville #metersformurph2020. However, this is not required, just strongly encouraged!

There is no cost to participate, and this is only available to current CrossFit Strongsville members