Event description

Event Description

The Courage to Rise: Academy Memorial Competition aims to foster a sense of community around the country through fitness. This competition is being held to raise awareness for mental health and suicides in the military in remembrance of Billy Gorczynski and Joe Thornton, two members of USAFA’s class of 2020 whose lives were tragically lost due to this growing issue. Through this fitness competition, we hope to create a community that gives everyone the courage to support each other and rise stronger together, united. 


The Competition

Over the course of two weeks 5 workouts will be released. The first workout will be released on May 1st. After that workouts will be released on May 4th, May 6th, May 8th with the last one released on May 11th. Each workout will consist of all bodyweight exercises so anyone, no matter where they are, can participate. The workout scores for all 5 workouts will be due on May 15th by 8:00 pm EST.



The top male and female competitors will receive a Falcon CrossFit Team Gear package.