The Maltese Lockdown

Virtual Competition for Individuals

Event description

The Maltese Lockdown

This online crossfit competition is being organised by local box owners with the intent to encourage everyone stuck at home to participate & be part of our wonderful community during this chaotic & confusing time. The competition is open to all levels of athletes & will last 4 weeks starting on the 20th of April.


Some box owners will be giving freebies to those who place first in their workout. These prizes will only be restricted to local athletes. A video of proof will be asked for upon submission of score so be sure to film and upload your workout! Videos are not a must but are required if you wish to be in the running for a prize.

8 bodyweight workouts (or with weights we commonly find round the house) will published as follows:


WOD 1: 20/4 - Crossfit 356

WOD 2: 21/4 - Crossfit F15

Score submission by 26/4 11:59pm.



WOD 3: 27/4 - Sean Fitness Classes

WOD 4: 28/4 - Crossfit ShieldWall

Score submission by 03/05 11:59pm.



WOD 5: 04/05 - The Box

WOD 6: 05/05 - The Pit

Score submission by 10/05 11:59pm.



WOD 7: 11/05 - The Workshop

WOD 8: 12/05 - Training Room

Score submission by 17/05 11:59pm.

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