WodaMania Stay Motivated Online Challenge

Virtual Competition for Individuals

Event description

4 weeks, 2 workouts per week!

$15.00 (non-refundable) entry fee

Both workouts released on Thursdays, with entries due by the next Monday.

Video submission only, you will be asked to provide a video link. YouTube, Vimeo, etc. any platform to get us a video link will work.

This challenge is aimed at those who may be having trouble maintaining their workout regimen while in isolation.  Have fun and see where you stack up on the leaderboards!

All workouts will take into consideration that most people do not have access to a fitness facility, and will be programmed with that in mind.

Participants will absolutely need to have access to some sort of run tracker. Phones, fitbit devices, apple watches, or any othe GPS location tracker which tracks distance as well as time will be acceptable.  Treadmills will not be accepted.  In most cases, due to some states enacting "shelter-in-place" policies, running outdoors is ok, as long as you maintain social distancing of 6 or more feet.  So find a secluded place.

We will release a standards video before workouts are released.  if a video is received that has inconsistencies in movements, or rep counts, the athlete will be notified and another video can be submitted or penalties will be incurred if the video is not replaced.

In some instances, "The Honor System" will be in place.  Remember this is for charity and do your best and be as honest as possible.  Nobody should be intentionally trying to cheat or bend the rules to get ahead.  Encourage each other through participation and help keep the fitness community strong.