Aphrodite Games Online Championship 2020

Event description


Worldwide fitness competition is suitable for the athletes of all levels staying at home during the quarantine times. 

There will be 2 categories for Male and Female: Scaled and Advanced. 

Fun and challenging workouts by The Program will be announced between 11th - 30th of April, 2020.   

FREE Registration Opens: 11th April 2020 
There will be a few options for a donation starting from 5EUR to Charity Fund of Cyprus helping families in need. 
  • 1st workout will be announced on April 14
  • 2nd workout will be announced on April 17
  • 3rd workout will be announced on April 21 
  • 4th workout will be announced on April 25
All scores to be submitted until April 30, 2020.
You'll have a chance to win prizes from our partners The Program, Born Primitive, CyFitCamp and a chance to win a spot in the Live Finals of AG20.
Overall winners, as well as the winners of each individual workout, will get the PRIZES!
Some extra prizes will be given for the performance of the workouts in the fun & creative way!
Check workouts and latest info at https://aphroditegames.org/