Teen Fitness League (At Home) April

Virtual Competition for Individuals

Event description

The Teen Fitness League (At Home) presented by The Brand X Method


The Teen Fitness League is a unique competition specifically designed to engage the competitive teen fitness community. This series will be ongoing and will be structured in a month to month format. Each month will be its own competition meaning that a winner will be crowned in each division each month. Each monthly competition will consist of 4 workouts released Wednesday at 5pm PST and due to be submitted by Monday at 5pm PST each week. The first month begins APRIL 15th and will end May 11th, at which point athletes can choose to sign up for the following months competition starting May 13th. 

The first month of this competition will be as inclusive as possible... meaning NO EQUIPMENT needed to participate! Additionally in light of all that is going on we are giving a portion of all proceeds every month back to The Brand X Method Training Centers to support their continued mission of doing whats best for kids in this trying time. 


The divisions are: 

Boys 10-11

Girls 10-11

Boys 12-13

Girls 12-13

Boys 14-15

Girls 14-15

Boys 16-18 (yes if you are 18 still on April 15th 2020 you can compete)

Girls 16-18 (yes if you are 18 still on April 15th 2020 you can compete)


*No refunds 

*No transfers of registration 


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