International Home Throwdown

Event description

Our fitness family the world over is stuck in their homes. Sports are cancelled, gyms are locked, and even those of us with home gyms are going stir crazy. 

In years past we've been doing the CrossFit Open at this point in the year. We need something to sink our teeth into. 

Enter the arena with the 2020 COVID Home Throwdown! An international, inter-gym, free competition for CrossFit practitioners. 

Get your game faces on. 


Is there a cost? Nope. It's free. We might do shirts, but it might be tough to get them to you. 

What equipment do I need?  Nothing. Just your body and about an 8ft by 8ft spot of flat ground. 

How will this be scored/judged? We worked hard to program workouts and movements that are fair and easy to judge via video review if needed. Submit your scores via this competition corner app to see your placement on the leaderboard.