The Quarantine Games 2020

Virtual Competition for Individuals

Event description

In classic CrossFit style we are coming together for one weekend to compete in The Quarantine Games, an online competition where the winners have a cash prize donated to the Box of their choice. This will be a 3 WOD online competition with 4 divisions and workouts designed to be performed at home with only a single dumbbell and the space to wield it.

The 4 Divisions will include:
Women’s Scaled and Masters (40+)
Women’s Rx
Men’s Scaled and Masters (40+)
Men’s Rx

Score submission starts now with the deadline being Midnight April 19th, 2020.

If you're contending for a winning position you must submit a video recording of your workout.

All workouts can be see on our main website at

Prize Details :: The top 3 podium spots in each division are all guaranteed to split the prize pool up to $500 for each individual winner. If the prize pool exceeds $6000 then the 4th place finishers will receive a prize up to $500 and then 5th place, and so on. Larger prize pool equals more winners. Different Athlete’s May choose the same box to donate to.