Solidarity Series: Electric Boogaloo

Online Competition for Individuals

Event description

The COVID-19 lockdown has enslaved us to Netflix and Social Media. Rise up and be a part of the Electric Boogaloo* in the CrossFit Glasgow Solidarity Series.

The Solidarity Series is a free competition exclusive to the members of CrossFit Glasgow. You will require no equipment but you will require:

Your wits

Some ingenuinty

Work capacity

A sense of humour

Tinned goods

Terrible music

The competition will run over 4 weeks with a workout released every Thursday evening at 17:00. You can complete the workouts at any time during the following week, up to the release of the next event.

The qualifying workouts for individuals will be released on a weekly basis from Thursday 26th March 2020 and athletes will have until Thursday 23rd April 2020 to complete all workouts.

There will be a range of different age categories including:

Teens 14-15, 16-18, Adults (M/F), Adults 35+ (M/F), Adults 45+ (M/F), Adults 45+ (M/F), Adults 50+ (M/F), Silvers 55+ (M/F), Silvers 60+ (M/F), Silvers 65+ (M/F)

You must meet the minimum age for your category and may not exceed the maximum age for your category. Your age is given as your age in human years at the time of registration. The adult Rx is an open category and athletes of any age group are eligible to enter this division.

(Silvers categories are for the members of the Silvers classes. No ringers please *coughs* Ian Kerr)

*The Electric Boogaloo is a concept popularised by doomsday preppers who believe that the people will rise up against the government and overthrow them. In our case we are rising up against the threat of tedium and overthrowing a lack of fitness.

Its also fun to say: Boogaloo.