Virtual Competition for Individuals

Event description

At Home Weekly Workout Competitions - Functional Fitness at it's core!

£5 + fees/Entry for the whole 8 weeks. Each weeks results for it's respective workout will be released on each Saturday. You can enter at any stage as each week represents it's own competition.

You can do these workouts anywhere with no equipment so theres no reason why you can't join in! This competition is formatted for the next 8 weeks with the release dates for each workout as below.

Each seperate workout will be designated as it's own competition and will be repeated each monday for the following 8 weeks.


There will be 8 workouts in total over 8 weeks.

Workout 1 - Monday 23rd March, 8am  

Workout 2 - Monday 30th March, 8am

Workout 3 - Monday 6th April, 8am

Workout 4 - Monday 13th April, 8am

Workout 5 - Monday 20th April, 8am

Workout 6 - Monday 27th April, 8am

Workout 7 - Monday 4th May, 8am

Workout 8 - Monday 11th May, 8am

To make it as simple as possible, there will be just 2 categories: Male & Female

Workouts released on Monday each week, submission deadline for each workout will be 10pm on Thursday and results released each Saturday.


To be eligible for cash prizes you will have to pay per week additional to your one off entry fee of £5. This will allow the the more serious competitors to challenge eachother for the cash pot but also allow everyone to still be part of the same competition without having to pay additional each week.

How it works:


1) Dont want to be part of weekly cash prizes? - If you've already entered you dont need to do anything else for the 8 weeks apart from submit your results weekly.

2) WANT to be part of the cash prizes? - You can pick your weeks that you want to be part of. Just transfer £10 to the account details below. You will then be put head to head against the other prize competitors with top 3 taking a percentage of the overall pot. The prize pot is subject to overall cash prize competitors.

Account Number: 9132 0939

Sort Code: 40 34 34

(Please reference: Name and Workout Reference - i.e. 'J Bloggs WOD 1')


No Refunds