Norwegian LIVING ROOM Throwdown 2020

Event description


There has been a fair amount of chaos and confusion lately but one thing remains the same, we all love fitness and we all love some friendly competition! We can’t promise to replace the excitement of the Sanctional events that we are missing this month, but we will try to keep you entertained with some fun workouts and cool prizes to go with them!

This is a competition with the intent to motivate everyone stuck at home!

The competition will be 100% free and will last for two weeks with 6 ‘at home’ workouts. We will use an ‘honest policy’ which means no videos, no judges and no reason not to join in!

Week one (23/3 - 27/3)

Workout 1 Release date 23/3

Workout 2 Release date 24/3

Workout 3 Release date 25/3

(Score Submission Deadline 27/3)


Week Two (30/3 - 3/4)

Workout 4 Release date 30/3

Workout 5 Release date 31/3

Workout 6 Release date 1/4

(Score Submission Deadline 3/4)


We will announce plenty of prize winners on 5/4. Some prizes will be for impressive scores and others will the randomly selected from the leaderboard (we want to reward participation and not just performance).


Expect to see some cool offerings from: Norwegian CrossFit Championship, NOCCO, REEBOK, BAREBELLS & PREPARED.