Event description

Welcome to The "Home Alone Open" 

A 2 week, online competition to keep you competing at home.

We've created a load of super simple but tasty bodyweight workouts - all programmed by Emma McQuaid - a CrossFit Games athlete, Irish National Champion & 7th in 2020 CrossFit Open! 

No equipment needed.

To win, all you need to do is complete the 6 workouts as and when they're released, film them and send us the proof! *Please note, filming is only mandatory if you want to be eligible for prizes.

We want to continue to build on the amazing community aspect of CrossFit and keep battling away whilst stuck at home.

Accountability is what makes CrossFit so effective, so please join in and enter for a fun and COMPETITIVE 2 weeks.

Whether it’s your home gym, garage, garden or living room – any location will do!

Click here to read Q&A based on popular questions.


There will be 6 workouts in total over 2 weeks.

Workout 1 - Friday 27th March, 8am

Submission deadline - Tuesday 31st March, 10pm GMT


Workout 2 - Monday 30th March, 8am

Submission deadline - Tuesday 31st March, 10pm GMT


Workout 3 - Wednesday 1st April, 8am 

Submission deadline - Thursday 2nd April, 10pm GMT


Workout 4Friday 3rd April, 8am 

Submission deadline - Sunday 5th April, 10pm GMT


Workout 5 - Monday 6th April, 8am

Submission deadline - Tuesday 7th April, 10pm GMT


Workout 6 - Wednesday 8th April, 8am 

Submission deadline - Sunday 10th April, 10pm GMT


To make it as simple as possible, there will just be Male Elite & Female Elite categories. 

To reiterate workouts are not technical and can be done by literally any level of athlete. 


Aside from bragging rights with your friends that you're "Fittest at Home 2020" the Top 3 Male and Female Elite athletes will receive a range of prizes from some of the best CrossFit brands available. There will also be a prize for the top Male Elite and Female Elite for each workout.

The prize pot is valued at over £2,500! See below:

Workout 1, Sponsored by Built for Athletes

Workout 2, Sponsored by pH Nutrition

Workout 3, Sponsored by WODABLE

Workout 4, Sponsored by AMRAP

Workout 5, Sponsored by OLY Clothing

Workout 6, Sponsored by WHEYD.


There are also additional prizes for the overall winners from brands such as:

Full list of prizes:

First Place Overall ?

  • 1 x BFA Hero Backpack 
  • 1 x WODABLE Training Shorts
  • 4 x pairs of AMRAP socks
  • 1 x OLY Clothing Jumper
  • 1 x WHEYD Mega Bundle (1 x WHEYD Bag, 25 Sachets, 1 x Shaker, 1 x Patch)
  • 24 Cans (1 crate) of FitAid


Second Place Overall ?

  • 1 x BFA Black Stainless Steel Coffee Cup
  • 1 x WODABLE t-shirt
  • 1 x pair of AMRAP socks
  • 1 x OLY Clothing Training Vest
  • 1 x WHEYD Sachet Bundle (1 x Shaker, 10 Sachets)


Third Place Overall ?

  • 1 x BFA Black Stainless-Steel Coffee Cup 
  • 1 x WODABLE Headband
  • 1 x pair of AMRAP socks
  • 1 x OLY Clothing Training Vest
  • 1 x WHEYD Sachet Bundle (1 x Shaker, 10 Sachets)


NOTE: Only filmed and verified entries will be able to win prizes. You can still enter without filming; however, you won't be eligible for the above prizes.


If you'd like to win, you have to film the workout. Uploading the video is not required when entering your score however if you are competing for a Top 10 spot, we will contact you to request a valid video. 

In the video, you, the athlete, has to state his/her name.

A clearly visible timer has to be in frame. We recommend using WODProof (search relevant app stores - it's free to use!) for not having any issues with the timer. 


Each workout will have a video guide and required standards. Although all movements are very simple, they all require a standard. On review, we will check to ensure standards are met. On each workout submission, see "Standards" section and also the penalties for missing these.


We have charged the minimum available to run this online competition and cover all fees. The fee is £1 + £1.91 admin fee. Less than a cup of coffee! 


Unfortunately, we cannot offer a refund policy once payment has been taken.