Event description

We are celebrating 10 years of the funnest and most unorthodox fitness competition in the Tri-State area!

There are two divisions (Competitor and Adjusted) - each team consists of 2 males and 2 females.

The competition is ran in a fast paced shotgun cannonball format. You'll run through 3-4 events at different locations across downtown Portsmouth in under two hours from start to finish. 

This isn't your typical CrossFit throwdown - in year's past we've done puzzle solving, axe throwing, trail running, and all incorporating with functional fitness. Our goal is to create events that force you to think, move, and communicate as a team. 

The top four teams in the competitor division will move to a winner take all finals. Most importantly everyone has a killer time followed by a killer afterparty.

Don't know which division to compete? If you did 3 or more Open workouts in the Rx category - you should do the Competitor division.