Constant Competitor: Welcome Back - Online Competition

Event description

**Tentative start date of August 5th**

This date is subject to change due to the nature of the public health crisis

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Individual Price to compete:


***No Refunds. No Substitutions***

***Video recordings required for all score submissions***

Individual Competitors: Rx or Scaled divisions.

Workout Release Schedule

There are 5 scored workouts over a 4 week period. The final week of the competition will have either 2 scored workouts or a workout that contains two scores.

Week 1: "You Choose"

Release 8/5 5pm PST | Submissions due by 8/12 5pm PST

Week 2: "Drop Down"

Release 8/12 5pm PST | Submissions 8/19 5pm PST

Week 3: "Topsy Turvey"

Release 8/19 5pm PST | Submissions due 8/26 5pm PST

Week 4: "Hops" & "Barley"

Release 8/26 5pm PST | Submissions due 9/2 5pm PST



***Due to the fact this has become a FREE competition, the prize amounts are as follows**:

Rx Division

1st Place: $100

*2nd Place: $30

*3rd Place: $20

Scaled Division

1st Place: $50

*2nd Place: $20

*3rd Place: $15

*2nd Place prize will be awarded if greater than 10 people have submitted 3 or more scores in the division. Additionally, 3rd Place prize will be awarded if greater than 20 people submit 3 or more scores in the division.


Prizes are awarded to the top competitors who submit all five scores with the required video proof (see below) in each division across all events at the end of the competition. Prizes are awarded in the form of E-Gift Card.

Winners will be announced on social media as well as contacted via Email at the conclusion of competition after all scoring is complete.


Rules and Policies:

Workouts are announced on Wednesdays at 5pm PST and scores are due by the following Wednesday at 5pm PST. Video submissions will not be accepted after the workouts submission deadline.

Video Submissions are required with score submissions.

Video Submissions must be public links to either YouTube or Vimeo uploads or the video and score are subject to rejection.

Video Submissions that do not meet submission standards listed in workout announcements are subject to score penalties or rejection.



Judgement of scoring is up to the discretion of Constant Competitor. Please ensure you read the rules and instructions of each workout and follow all movement standards to help avoid penalties or rejection of a score.

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