Event description

Carters Play Place is proud to announce the launch of our new yearly Charity workout - "Gracie".

Carter's is bringing together two of the best communities in the world, the fitness community and the special needs community, for this amazing event and fundraiser!

The workout "Gracie" is named in memory of Lindsey Gray's daughter, who passed away in 2015. Lindsey has been a dedicated part of the CrossFit community for over 3 years, and is well known in the Hamilton County area. The numbers used in the WOD were picked by Lindsey based off of significant events related to Gracie, and Lindsey picked her favorite body-weight movements for the WOD.

Each year, a new local family within the special needs community will be selected to receive 100% of the donations received from this event. This year the money will go to Lindsey, who provides a loving home to her five children, all of whom have various special needs.

Entry fees are a minimum donation of $25, which will also get you a commemorative shirt. Carter's Play Place, which is running the event, is offering free admission to all participating adults and their children during the event.  This means that adults will be able to let their children play inside the facility, which is an indoor play gym, while they compete and participate in the event outside.  Furthermore, there will be kids and adaptive heats at the end of the day!

The workout will take place at Carters Play Place, and there is ample parking.

Workout Details:

"Gracie" Rx- AMRAP 15:
6 Hand Release Push Ups
28 Walking Lunges
8 Burpees

"Gracie" Scaled - AMRAP 15:
6 HRPU (from the knee)
28 walking lunges
8 Burpees

"Gracie" Kids/Adaptive - AMRAP 10:
6 Push ups (toes, knees, wall)
28 Lunges (walking, standing, steps, or knee lifts)
8 Burpees (up-downs, bend-and-reach)

If you require further assistance please don't hesitate to contact Caitlin Green at caitlin@cartersplayplace. com

PLEASE NOTE:  If we are still being asked to maintain social distancing on June 7th, our back-up date will be Sunday August 16th.