Event description

Strongest Mallorca is a functional training / Crosstraining competition. It will consist of an Online qualifying phase with several qualifiers, and a final phase, face-to-face in Mallorca. This event will feature numerous international athletes as well as national and local athletes.


-Female: Scaled – RX – Strongest (Elite) & Master +35
-Male: Scaled – RX – Strongest (Elite) & Master +35
-Teams of 3 members with minimum 1 member of each gender: Scaled & RX

Dates and facts of Strongest Mallorca
-Register phase and Online qualifiers: 16.03.2020 – 14.06.2020 
-Control & Review of Results & Videos 15.06.2020 – 28.06.2020
-Finalists of Strongest Mallorca will be announced 01.07.2020
-Final Event Mallorca: 12.09.2020 – 13.09.2020 
-Location: Venue & open air event (tbd)



Scaled individual
1st Prize -  100€ + 1 month Smartprogram
2nd Prize - 50€ + 1 month Smartprogram
3rd Prize - 25€ +  1 month Smartprogram

RX individual
1st Prize - 500€ +  1 month Smartprogram
2nd Prize - 250€ + 1 month Smartprogram
3rd Prize- 125€ + 1 month Smartprogram

Strongest (Elite) individual
1st Prize - 1200€
2nd Prize - 600€
3rd Prize - 300€

Master +35
1st Prize - 500€
2nd Prize - 250€
3rd Prize - 125€

Teams SC
1st Prize - 300€
2nd Prize - 200€
3rd  Prize - 100€

Teams RX
1st Prize - 750€
2nd Prize - 500€
3rd Prize - 250€


Check our categories and choose the one that best suits your profile:

This is the category of „STRONGEST“, the strongest and most prepared athletes will face in this category. Competitors who do not fear the toughest tests and who undoubtedly have a high capacity for suffering. The STRONGEST category hides some surprise yet to announce ... Maybe rivals impossible to beat? You dare? Will we be able to make you leave?
STRONGEST athletes must be able to handle high loads in weightlifting exercises (Clean & Jerk: 80 / 60kg; Snatch: 60/40; Deadlift: 125/85) and must also master the most advanced gymnastic exercises (e.g. Ring / Bar Muscle up, Handstand Walk, HSPU Deficit, Rope Climb).

Do you have experience competing, but still do not meet the requirements of the Elite-Strongest category?
If you are able, within a wod, to move medium / high loads in weightlifting movements (Clean: 60/40 kg; Snatch: 50/35; Deadlift: 100/80…) and master advanced gymnastic movements (eg Ring / Bar Muscle up, Handstand Walk, Leglees Rope Climb ...), welcome to your category!

This is the right category to start in competitions and test your skills.
You must master the most basic gymnastic movements (Pull Up, Knees to Elbow) and move light loads in weightlifting movements (For example: Clean: 40/30 kg; Snatch: 30/20; Deadlift: 60/40).

This is the category of the most veteran, that is, those athletes born in years before 1985 (inclusive). 
The requirements are the same as individual.

In Strongest Mallorca we will also have a category for teams formed by 4 mixed athletes, with a minimum of one athlete for each sex. The Wods will be programmed in such a way that the group strategy will be a determining factor to obtain better results. The combination of strength, cardio and gymnastic ability, although there will also be unexpected surprises that will take teams to the limit of their abilities.
The requirements are the same as individual.




Strongest Mallorca is a functional training / Cross training competition. It will consist of an Online qualifying phase with several qualifying events, and a final phase, in person in Mallorca.


In Strongest Mallorca the following categories can be selected:
- Women's & Men's Individual: Scaled, RX, Elite - Strongest
- Female & Male Individual: Master +35 Scaled, Master +35 RX
- Teams of 4 members, mixed, minimum one member of each sex: Scaled & RX

Relevant information for individual athletes: The organization reserves the right to change the registered athlete of category, if conditions higher than those required for that category are observed. The athlete will have the option to accept the change or cancel their registration in the competition, losing the right to any type of remuneration or compensation.

The registered athlete will be held accountable for the behavior of his boxing partners, coaches, supporters and guests. If the organization observes unsportsmanlike or harmful conduct for the competition, by the groups mentioned above, a sanction will be studied, which can be from the loss of prize if one is chosen or the direct expulsion from the competition.

Relevant information for teams: all teams must appoint a captain, who will provide an email and contact telephone number. He will be in charge of mediating between the team and the organization, when registering the team, allegations, receiving information, etc.

The captain of each team assumes the responsibility of registering his team in the category appropriate to his physical condition. The organization reserves the right to change the category team, if conditions higher than those required for that category are observed. The team will have the option to accept the change or cancel their registration in the competition, losing the right to any type of remuneration or compensation.

The captain will be held accountable for the behavior of his teammates, coaches, supporters, and guests. If the organization observes unsportsmanlike or harmful conduct for the competition, by the groups mentioned above, a sanction will be studied, which may be from the expulsion of a member or the entire team.

All teams will have the opportunity to claim a change in a team member due to injury or other reasons, and the organization will assess whether it is possible to proceed to replace said athlete with a substitute athlete.

In the event that an athlete from the team is expelled, the team may supply that loss with a reserve athlete, so that he can continue in the competition.

Information about registration, rights and obligations: The registration of the team or individual athlete will be done through the Competition Corner platform (at the following link: https://competitioncorner.net/events/3605/register), filling in the form corresponding and paying the registration fee from the same platform.

By registering, participants give their consent for Strongest Mallorca and the event's sponsors, by themselves or through third parties, to automatically process their personal data for exclusively sports, promotional or commercial purposes.

In accordance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13, on the Protection of Personal Data, the participant has the right to access these files in order to rectify or cancel in whole or in part its content. To do so, you must request the organization in writing through your email account: info@strongestmallorca.com

Likewise, and in accordance with the sports, promotional, distribution and exploitation interests of Strongest Mallorca, those registered expressly authorize the organization to use advertising for photos, videos and any other type of photographic or audiovisual material in the that can appear, accepting the publication of my name in the classification of the test, in the media, cinema and / or internet, without expecting any compensation for this concept.

The mere inscription supposes the acceptance of the present regulation, including the acceptance of the risk, publicity and the resignation of all the rights against the co-organizers, renouncing all legal action that could derive in the participation of the competition.

2. Final face-to-face seats according to categories:

The competition will have several categories, with the following places for the face-to-face final phase in Mallorca:

Climbing: 40 female athletes, 40 male athletes
RX: 30 female athletes, 30 male athletes
Elite - Strongest: 20 female athletes, 20 male athletes
Master +35 Scale: 20 female athletes, 20 male athletes
Master +35 RX: 20 female athletes, 20 male athletes
Teams: 20 RX Teams, 20 scaled teams
The organization reserves the right to modify the quotas of any of the categories, as well as to merge or cancel categories if the minimum registered within that category is not reached. Even the power to change a team or individual athlete category, given the remarkable evidence that their ability is well above that category.

3. Phases and dates:

Strongest Mallorca will have two phases, qualifying phase (online) and face-to-face phase (final).

The qualifying phase will be from 13.03.2020 to 14.06.2020, it will consist of 3 qualifying workouts. The organization reserves the right to add an additional workout.

The date for the registration of teams and individual athletes in the qualifying phase is from 13.03.2020 to 14.06.2020 with a team fee of € 92 (+ management fees) and the fee for individual athlete will be € 23 (+ management expenses). The organization will be able to modify the prices of the inscriptions attending to the different demand in indicated dates. The organization proposes several increases in the registration fees as the qualifying phase progresses.

4. Requirements & scores:

For the qualifying phase the score will be in the order of least points, giving as winner the team or individual athlete that accumulates the least points throughout the qualification workouts. The position in the classification of each workout will be taken as a reference.

All individual teams and athletes must be videotaped doing each workout and upload it to the video platform stipulated by the organization.

The captain of each team and the individual athletes must upload the mark of each workout to the Competition Corner platform following the instructions, along with the video link of the recording and with the completed workout file.

The organization will not accept trademarks in the case of videos that do not meet the recording requirements set in each wod, that the score sheet has not been completed or that the documentation has not been delivered within the deadline set for it.

All the rules related to the recording and performance of the tests will be published together with each workout.

The organization recommends using WodProof as an application to record workouts.
All individual and team athletes must present all the updated, valid and truthful information requested by the organization, as well as be up to date with payment for the qualification phase.

The results of the qualifying workouts will be reviewed when the deadline for presenting the results of all the workouts ends. That is why the results are provisional, until the list of finalists classified for the face-to-face phase is final, and there may be variations in the scores. The resolution of the final list will be published in Competition Corner (Leaderboard) and in Strongest Mallorca's social networks.

The final face-to-face phase will be from 12 to 13 September 2020. Athletes will receive all the necessary information to be able to attend the first day of competition. The day before, information sheets will be delivered to all athletes who wish to do so at a location that will be announced by the Strongest Mallorca organization. An informative meeting on regulations and procedures will be held during the competition.

The Strongest Mallorca organization will contact each classified team and each individual athlete for the face-to-face phase, via email or contact telephone number. The team or individual athlete must notify the confirmation of attendance as soon as possible, together with the validation of the face-to-face registration in the competition.

If the time stipulated to confirm attendance has elapsed and it has not been confirmed by the team or individual athlete, he / she will lose the right to contest the face-to-face phase and the place will go to the next classified on the list.

The teams that manage to qualify for the face-to-face phase must pay a second payment of € 180 (+ management fees). Individual athletes who manage to qualify for the face-to-face phase must pay a second payment of € 45 (+ management fees).

In case of not being able to attend the competition, the registration money will not be refunded.

5.Recording and video requirements:

Each workout will have special and specific recording requirements, but at least they will share some points to meet:

Everyone should start with a short introduction where they will name the team, the components, the box they belong to and the category they have signed up for. Individual athletes will be presented with their name, box to which they belong and, in the category, they have signed up for.

At all times, the athletes and the material to be used must be within the plane.
The execution of the exercises must be perfectly seen from the angle and the position requested.

The material to be used must be shown (discs, dumbbells, bars, paddles ...)

The order of the exercises must coincide with the order requested.

The organization reserves the right to verify the videos for all those registered, in order to verify that the brands included correspond to reality and meet the requirements.

In case of not fulfilling the requirements demanded by the organization for the execution of the workouts, the organization reserves the right to penalize the obtained scores, or even cancel the video completely.

6.Requirements for participation:

All those over 18 years of age may participate in this competition, without distinction of nationality, sex, race or religion. They can also participate over 16 years providing the organization with the consent of their legal guardian and the ID of the additional guardian, if the legal guardian is not the one that will accompany the minor in the competition.


The cash prizes will be delivered between 30 and 60 days after the end of the competition, in case the resolution of any claim is necessary.

In the event that a team or an individual athlete takes advantage of the podium for any claim not agreed with the organization, shows unsportsmanlike conduct towards other teams or athletes, public, competition or organization, as well as covering advertising or sponsor of the organization will be reason for loss. of the right to the delivery of their respective prize, both in cash and in sports equipment. Being able to be sanctioned with the non-participation in future editions.

8.Complaints and claims:

All claims must be made in writing and signed and delivered by the team captain or in the case of an individual athlete by the same athlete to the organization and to the Head Judge. In the face-to-face phase there will be a time limit of one hour after the end of the workout, for the presentation of claims, in each category.

9. General rules:

The organization of the championship reserves the right to include any exercise in the championship program, being the responsibility of the participating athletes to cover the needs of each of the imposed exercises.
Strongest Mallorca has all the licenses and permits, as well as its Civil liability insurance for sporting events with the public. All athletes will have accident insurance during the face-to-face phase, and they will have to prove, by means of a medical certificate, that they are fit for high intensity sports. Failure to present said certificate will make it impossible for the athlete to participate in the competition. The organization will make available to athletes who so wish, contact with an insurance company that can meet these needs.

The event will be photographed, recorded and broadcast in various media, (including social networks), that the organization believes appropriate.

Non-professional photography or video without flash is allowed, all the images or videos taken during the event belong to Strongest Mallorca.

The organization reserves the right of admission and the possibility of expulsion of a team or member of a team or individual athletes, both from the competition and the venue, in the face of unsportsmanlike conduct towards the rest of the competitors, towards the competition, organization, sponsors, judges and volunteers.

The use of any substance considered doping (IOF) is prohibited, and may eliminate the team or individual athlete from the prize and from non-participation in future editions, if it is proven to be under the influence of said substances in their participation in the competition, until two years after participation.

The use of any material or system that facilitates the execution of movements and exercises with respect to other competitors is not allowed, except those provided by the organization itself.

Entrance to the event for the general public will be completely free.

Under no circumstances will the Strongest Mallorca organization be responsible for any damage or loss of objects during the event.

All registration payments are final. I do not know how to reimburse any amount, regardless of the reason (injury, wrong category, change of schedule or category, not being able to attend the competition ...)

The Strongest Mallorca organization may, if the current circumstances, government or authorities so advise, make appropriate modifications when there is any reason of force majeure, or other supervening circumstance and beyond the control of its will that, in its sole discretion, does so. convenient or necessary, without the participants having the right to request any kind of refund or reduction of the registration fees.
The organization may agree to suspend a workout either temporarily or permanently, when circumstances beyond the control and control of the organization or government measures that affect the safety in general or the freedom of movement of people concur. In the event of definitive suspension, participants will not be entitled to reimbursement of registration fees, but will have preference in the allocation of seats for the next edition if they re-register.

The organization may modify said bases, temporarily or definitively, when circumstances that oblige it do so, being exempt from any type of compensation or compensation for it.

For any questions or clarifications, we are at your disposal at info@strongestmallorca.com