Event description

Instagram: @fitnesscomps

We are meant for amateur Functional Fitness athletes to compete in online competition for prizes. Anyone who has competed at the Crossfit Games is not eligable to compete.


$700 in cash prizes!!

Both Male and Female podium finishers will recieve equal cash prizes.

Rx Divison
Entry fee: $25

Male athletes                                      Female atheletes
1st - $125                                             1st - $125

2nd - $75                                              2nd - $75           

3rd - $50                                               3rd - $50

Scaled Divison
Entry fee: $15

Male athletes                                      Female athletes
1st- $50                                                1st- $50

2nd-$30                                                2nd-$30

3rd- $20                                                3rd- $20


All prizes and registration fees use Canadian dollar rates, however, we are able to award the winning athletes from around the globe using over 50 different currencies!
No athletes are required to download any platforms in order to recieve their money.

Rx Standards 

Deadlift 225lb/155lb
Clean 185lb/115lb
Snatch 135lb/85lb
Thruster 95lb/65lb
Dumbells 50lb/35lb
Wallballs 20lb/14lb
Pull-ups/Chest to bar/Toes to bar

Scaled Standards 

Deadlift 135lb/95lb
Clean 115lb/75lb
Snatch 95lb/65lb
Thruster 65lb/45lb
Dumbells 35lb/20lb
Wallballs 14lb/10lb
Single unders
Hand release push-ups
Ab Mat sit-ups

The standards specified above are meant for reps not a 1-rep max. Some of the movements mentioned above will be included in this competition but not necessarily all of them.


The competiton will begin March 12, 2020.

Event 1:
Announced March 12/20 - Video Submission due TBD

Event 2:
Announced TBD - Video Submission due TBD

Event 3:
Announced TBD - Video Submission due TBD

Event 4:
Announced TBD - Video Submission due TBD

The competition will end TBD.


No refunds or substitutions.


If you have any other questions you may email fitnesscomp4cash@gmail.com or send a direct messege to us on instagram @fitnesscomps