Quad Rival Fun Fours

Onsite Competition for Teams

Event description

The team at Quad Rival events is delighted to announce it's next event held at Twoton CrossFit in Taunton. This will be our fun fours event, with the emphasis on fun! We have become the "go-to" event for first-timers and those looking to take things a little less serious when it comes to competing. Teams are made up of four boys or four girls, there isn't an RX, Scaled or a masters category, if you are a firebreather who shouts as loud as you can at the end of a wod so everyone knows you finished first, then this event is probably not for you, if you are the one who gives 100% every session, loves to train with others and celebrate everyone's victory and not just yours, then this is for you!  Expect cheesy tunes, movements that will make you giggle and a prize for the best dressed team and most important lots of fun! 

Each workout will be totally accessible to everyone, if you need to modify a movement then you can, we will just increase the reps to compensate and to ensure a fair event for all. 

What movements can I expect I hear you ask, it's easier to say what won't you be asked to do, there will be no Snatch, no HSPU or Muscle ups   

The day will comprise of 3 workouts and a final. there will be a strength based workout, a classic with a twist and a chipper. So something for everyone. 

There will be our usual Nespresso Coffe, Tea, snacks etc as well as our now famous chilli (vegan option as well) we can also take card payments on the day   

Let's not also forget Dj Bombscare who will be dropping your fave tunes with some serious cheese thrown in as well. 

Tickets are limited to 15 Girls and 15 Boys teams. Tickers are £100 per team, book before the 1st of March for a 10% early bird discount.