Event description

The Blue Pit Summer Games are a one Day, three Athlete Team Competition held in Frechen near Cologne, Germany.

There will be two Division Rookie and Veteran.

This Competion is for Beginners and Intermediate Athletes who have little to non to little experience with functional Fitness Competitions.

We have two Categories:

1) Rookies: This Category is for Beginner Athletes that do CrossFit 2-3/Week and for less then a Year.

Prerequesit Movements are: Knee Raises, Dumbell Movements: M: 15kg, W: 10 Kg

2) Veteran: This Category is for Beginner to Intermediate Athletes that do CrossFit 3+/Week and for more then one Year.

Prerequesit Movements are: Toes to Bar, Dumbell Movements: M: 22,5kg, W: 15 Kg,