Event description

One Day, all the weights!


Athletes will establish 1 Rep Maxes for the following lifts.

Snatch - any type (power, split, muscle, full)

Clean and Jerk - any type (muscle, power, full, split, stirct press, push press, power jerk, squat jerk, split jerk)

Back Squat - Off the rack, must break 90 - raw

Bench Press - feet on the floor, butt and shoulders on the bench - raw

Deadlift - sumo or conventional - raw


There will be awards for top places in each division, age and weight along with an overall meet champion for men and women!

Snatch and Clean and Jerk will be first followed by back squat and bench and deadlift. Athletes will be given  the necessary equipment and a time domain to complete the lift. Athletes may bring their own spotter if  they want.

There will be lanes for each athlete to complete their lift within a time domain. The athlete my attempt as many lifts as they want in the given time. The bars will always start empty and the athlete will be responsible for loading their own bar and declaring their weight prior to lifting

Olympic lifts will not be held to USAW standards so a press out will be allowed as long as the lift is completed and control is demonstrated at the finish. All lifts will be in POUNDS.

No platforms, no siglets, no games. Just you and your barbell!