Onsite Competition for Teams

Event description

OPERATION LIFTOFF SALUTE will be unlike any that we’ve seen in Southern California. We are blending , with some Power Lifting, and throwing in some Oly! What’s going to set this competition apart from others is the blend of those three…all barbell work! 
But unlike every other competition where the team with most reps or weight wins that WOD, athletes will have two events scored by BODY WEIGHT!

Athletes: Teams of Two (2), Same Gender. Divisions: RX & Fun.

WOD 1: Operations Thunder Ladder
4 min CAP. At 3-2-1-Go! Athlete 1 will start the ladder and go as far as he/she can. If they complete the ladder they will go to the finish line and judge will signal Athlete 2 to begin and he/she will go as far as they can.

Scored by team combined weight lifted...Tie Breaker is time completed.

RX: Males – 155 / 185 / 205 / 225 / 245 / 265
RX: Females – 105 / 125 / 135 / 145 / 155 / 165
Fun: Males – 95 / 115 / 135 / 155/ 175 / 195
Fun: Females – 55 / 65/ 75 / 85 / 95 / 105

WOD 2: Joint Task Force BP

5 min AMRAP. At 3-2-1-Go! Both athletes will try and complete as many reps as possible. Athletes may switch at any time. You pick your weight! But there is a minimum bar weight!
Choose your weight carefully! Same weight must be used for each athlete.

RX: Males - 135lbs
RX: Females - 85lbs
Fun: Males - 95lbs
Fun: Females - 55lbs

Scored: Reps completed X Bar Weight / Combined team body weight (Ex: 50 reps X 135lbs = 6750. Athlete 1: 130lbs Athlete 2: 150lbs. Total team weight is 280lbs. 6750 divided by 280lbs equals 24.10. Adjusted score is 24.10)

WOD 3: Project Airlift

At 3-2-1-Go! Platform 1- Each athlete will try and attempt a 1RM Snatch. Team will have 6 minutes for each athlete to establish their heaviest Snatch.
Scoring: Team combined weight lifted / Team combined body weight

- NO Refund Policy
- Substitutes allowed the day of the comp
- Each athlete will be weighed in during check-in
- No Pets allowed
- Parking will be a little tight behind the gym, but there are numerous parking structures within walking distance