Compete Series: Online 2020

Online Competition for Individuals

Event description

Welcome to the 2020 Compete Series: Online functional fitness competition!

This is a 5-week online competition where athletes have an opportunity to compete against others, showcasing their skills, strength, power, and stamina across broad domains.

Each week for 5 straight weeks, starting the week of February 16th 2020, workouts will be announced, and athletes will have an entire week to complete the workout and submit their score online.

How it works:

Workouts will be announced Sunday evening at 8pm EST. Athletes will have until the following Sunday (7 days later) to complete the workout as many times as they would like and submit their score online by 8pm EST.

There will be a video workout announcement posted on the CrossFit Orangeville Facebook page, the Compete Series: Online Facebook event page, as well as the CrossFit Orangeville Instagram page. Additionally, a direct link to the video announcement will be emailed to all participants.


Teen Boys – under 18 years of age (birth year 2003-2007)
Teen Girls – under 18 years of age (birth year 2003-2007)
Males – aged 18-34 years old (birth year 1986-2002)
Females – aged 18-34 years old (birth year 1986-2002)
Masters Males – 35 years of age or older (birth year 1985 or earlier)
Masters Females – 35 years of age or older (birth year 1985 or earlier)

*All divisions will be subject to participation. If there are insufficient registrations, some divisions may either be combined sex (males and females competing against each other) or cancelled.

**Additional Masters age groups may open up based on participation.

Scaling Options:

All workouts will have 3 modification options:

“Prescribed” or “Rx”

“Prescribed” or “Rx” scores will always be ranked higher than “Intermediate” scores. “Intermediate” scores will always be ranked higher than “Scaled” scores.

Equipment Required:

Athletes should have access to the following equipment to be able to compete in the 2020 Compete Series: Online functional fitness competition:

Weight Plates
Squat Rack
Dumbbells (20lbs., 35lbs., 50lbs.)
Kettlebells (32kg., 24kg., 16kg.)
Medicine Balls aka Wall Balls (20lbs., 14lbs., 10lbs., 8lbs.)
Wall Ball Targets (10 and 9 foot targets)
Pull-up Bar (pull-ups, bar muscle-ups, toes to bar, etc.)
Gymnastics Rings (ring muscle-ups, ring dips, etc.)
Plyo Box (30, 24, and 20” options)
At least 25 linear feet of space (ex: walking lunges, handstand walks, etc.)
Concept2 Rower
Assault Air Bike
Skipping Rope

Score Submissions:

Scores must be submitted online 1 week following the announcement of the workout. Athletes will have until 8pm EST to submit their score. All workouts must be completed with a judge. The judge’s name and email will be required upon score submission. Video submissions are required if an athlete is completing their workout without the use of a judge.

Additionally, in order for an athlete to claim a podium position, and therefore one of our prizes, all workouts must be verified with a video submission. In other words, it never hurts to record all of your workouts in case a request for a video submission is made at a later time.


The top 3 winners in each division listed above will be notified and awarded a cash prize (money e-transfer). Cash prizes will be a specific percentage based on registration (size of division).