Event description


How do I register?

Payment issues? 
Contact info@everyday-warrior.org

How do I change my division? 
Contact info@everyday-warrior.org

Do I need to register my affiliate?
No, you will just manually type in your affiliate name. Please type the full name of your affiliate!

Do my partner and I have to be from the same affiliate? 

I am a master, does my partner and I have to be in the same age division? 
No, however you will be ranked in the division of the youngest master. 

What to do if you’re having score submission issues? 
Late scores will not be accepted. However if you are having issues submitting your score email info@everyday-warrior.org before the score submission deadline.

Where do I submit my score?
You can submit your scores by logging into your account with Competition Corner

Can I repeat the WOD and enter in a new score? 
Yes, as long as you enter the score prior to the deadline. 

How can I change my t-shirt size and mailing address? 
Please email your changes to info@everyday-warrior.org

When will I receive my t-shirt?
Our t-shirt vendor Boxmade Goods will ship both shirts to the team captain. You will receive an email when the order is processed and then when its being shipped.