Event description

Norak's first in-house competition, designed for all of our athletes, but mainly targeted towards our athletes that have never competed before, or are newer to competing in CrossFit. This competition will be same-sex teams of 2.


Who is this for? 

- Norak Throwdown 2020 is for Norak members only, however all are welcome to attend and watch. 

When is it? 

- May 9th, 2020. You can expect a full day starting roughly at 8am and going until late afternoon. 


- The entire event will take place at/around Norak CrossFit 


What to bring: 

- Please bring all personal gear needed for CrossFit (ex. Shoes, Grips, Skipping Ropes, Waterbottles, etc.)

- Due to some of our members allergies we ask to please refrain from bringing pets to the event if possible.


Refund Policy:

- We will not be offering refunds, however we will accomodate substitutions on a case-by-case basis. 


If you have any questions feel free to contact Ryan Cumpsty, Megan Maes, or Paul McDill