Brutal Bash 2016

Onsite Competition for Teams

Event description

Brutal Bash is back!

This 2nd annual event will be bigger and better than the last! 

It will be made up of teams of 2, of the same gender. There will be three divisions, RX, Intermediate and fun. 

CASH prize for first place in each RX division . Top 3 teams in each division will win a ton of gear from the participating vendors. 

On or before October 29th - $120.00
After October 29th - $140.00
**NO hidden fees at checkout**

Wods: 2 Workouts Plus Floater PLUS a secret top finisher workout. 
What to bring: Water, Easy-up, Chairs, and your awesome self! 
No Refunds - Rain or Shine!
Substitutes: Accepted by November 27, 2016


Workout 1

For time: 40 Cal Assault Bike 50 Box Jump 60 C2B Pull Up 70 Hang Power Clean 80 Double Unders

RX: 30in/24in Box, C2B, 135/95 HPC INT: 24in/20in Box, Pull Up, 95/65 HPC FUN: 24in/20in Box, Ring Rows, 75/55 HPC, Singles

Each movement may be split however you would like. Each movement must be completed before moving on to the next movement.

Workout 2

Snatch Complex - 7 Minute Time Cap

1 snatch from the ground 1 snatch from above the knee 1 OHS

Snatches from the ground and above the knee can be a power snatch or a squat snatch. The OHS you must past parallel. Total score will be the heaviest complex from each teammate.

Floater Workout 


Quadrant 1 - 8 Thrusters (each teammate) then 8 burpees over the bar (each teammate)

Quadrant 2 - 6 Snatches (each teammate) then 6 burpees over the bar (each teammate)

Quadrant 3 - 4 Cleans (each teammate) then 4 burpees over the bar (each teammate)
Quadrant 4 - 2 Clean and Jerks (each teammate) then 2 burpees over the bar (each teammate)

This workout will be a Grid style workout. Partner A will do 8 thrusters, hop off the grid and partner B will do 8 thrusters. After both partners finish the thrusters, partner A will jump back in and do 8 burpees over the bar. Partner A will hop off and partner B will do their 8 burpees over the bar. Once both partners have completed their burpees, then they will move to the second quadrant. Same set up Partner A will do 6 snatches, hop off and partner B will do 6 snatches. Partner A will hop back in and do 6 burpees over the bar and then partner B will do 6 burpees over the bar and so on. 
Visit Brutal Bash IG to view the video IG: brutalbash


Thruster------75/55 RX, 65/45 INT, 55/35 FUN

Snatch -------95/65 RX, 75/55 INT, 65/45 FUN

Clean---------135/95 RX, 115/85 INT, 95/65 FUN

Clean & Jerk- 155/115 RX, 135/95 INT, 115/85 FUN