Spring Fling 2020

Onsite Competition for Teams

Event description

Our 5th annual Spring Fling will be held on May 2nd, 2020.
This one day, mixed pair competition will feature 3 divisions.

You are guaranteed 3 WODs.
The top 4 teams in each division will advance to finals.

Division Standards
*Please note, these are to be used as guidelines when choosing which division is appropriate for you and your team mate. They in no way guarantee that movements and loads will be limited to those listed.

Box step ups 20’
Wall Balls 10/14
Clean 55/75
Single under
Hand release Push ups
Hanging Knee raise

Pull ups
Box Jumps 20/24
Wall balls 14/20
Clean 95/135
Snatch 65/95
Double under
Kipping HSPU
Toes to bar

Chest to bar
Box Jumps 24/30
Wall balls 14/20
Clean 135/185
Snatch 105/155
Double Under
Strict HSPU
Toes to bar

*Registration is Non refundable.

*Registration is transferrable until April 25, 2020

*Parking in lot beside on west side building and street on east side of building.