Event description

Nordic Beach Brawl 2017 Online Qualifier

Nordic Beach Brawl 2017 will go down in beautiful Kristiansand, Norway. This is a clean gender team competition consisting of three athletes per team.


RX Male
RX Female
Master Male + 37
Master Female + 37



For the Nordic Beach Brawl 2017 Online Qualifier each member of the team will do the qualifier as individuals. The qualifier result will be the total score of each athlete put together. This makes it easier for athletes that live in a different area/town/country to team up and qualify for the Nordic Beach Brawl 2017 Final Event.


Here are some dates for you to note:

January 8th:    Qualifier Registration Open

            Early Bird Qualifier Registration (50 % off)

January 11th:  Early Bird Qualifier Registration Closes

April 1st:         Qualifier WOD 1 Released

April 7th:        Qualifier WOD 1 Deadline

                       Qualifier Registration Deadline

April 8th:        Qualifier WOD 2 Released

April 14th:      Qualifier Wod 2 Deadline

April 15th:      Qualifier WOD 3 Released

April 20th:      Qualifier WOD 3 Deadline

August 4th:     Nordic Beach Brawl Final Event Day 1

August 5th:     Nordic Beach Brawl Final Event Day 2


Team Registration Price (No refunds):

Qualifier (EarlyBird)      : $35   + Process Fee ($4.16)

Qualifier (Regular)       : $70     + Process Fee ($6.47)

Final Event                  : $105    + Process Fee ($8.77)


Sign up today and qualify for a weekend to remember!

For more information: www.nordicbeachbrawl.no