The V2 Invite Qualifier

Online Competition for Individuals and teams

Event description

The V2 Invite Online Qualifier!

Indi Male and Female

RX Pairs Male and Female

Masters Pairs Male and Female

Intermediate Trio Male and Female

All athletes wishing to compete in The V2 Invite Finals will complete the same workouts throughout the qualifier. There are three workouts and all will allow anyone from an intermediate ability to compete. If you can do a pull up, a power clean of 60/40kg you can enter. Some of the workouts will have the advanced skill or strength at the end of the workout to allow bang for buck for everyone competing. You’ll have to earn your way to the pro stuff.

These workouts can be done anywhere, anytime as long and your score is registered within the timeframe on competition corner. You will have 5 days to perform each workout - released Monday 10am, logged by Friday 6pm.

Workout Example:

AMRAP in 7 minutes:

50 Deadlifts 70 / 45kg

50 Pull Ups

50 Box Jump Overs 24/20”

Max Bar Muscle Ups


Online Workout Release Dates

1st Release - Workout 1

Monday 10th Feb 10am. Logged by Fri 14th 6pm*.

2nd Release - Workout 2 + 2b

Monday 17th Feb 10am. Logged by Fri 21st 6pm*.

3rd Release - Workout 2

Monday 24th Feb 10am. Logged by Fri 28th 6pm*.

** No score submissions will be accepted beyond this cut off.

*** All athletes will be required to film all workouts, with one workout to be called on at the completion of the qualifier for video review.


How To Register For Online Qualifier

*If you have not been on Competition Corner prior to this qualifier you will need to setup a new account.


Register yourself into competition corner and fill out your details for the online qualifier. We will keep your details and invite you to the finals if you make the cut.

Pairs and Trio's:

Within your pairing or trio pick a team captain. The price for the online qualifier is inclusive of your whole pair/team (i.e $60 for trio = $20 each). Your team captain will be in control of your team and will log each workout during the qualifier. They will also be your liaison for any information sent out regarding the qualifier or finals.


You WILL be performing ALL online workouts on your own and NOT as a team format (you do not have to be from the same gym/affiliate). Your scores will be added together to produce a final result each week. Competition Corner will ask for each workout score of each pair/team member, and will automatically add them together in the leaderboard.


Refund Policy

Once an athlete / team has chosen to sign up to take part, no refunds will be made. Should an athlete / team be successful in the online qualifier, a further registration will be payable to go on and compete in the finals.



// Pairs + Trio’s

In the event an athlete also earns a qualifying spot as an individual and elects to go indie (or in the case of injury), ONE team member may be replaced with a substitute for the finals.


Video Review

Good video: The athlete meets all movement standards and repetitions - Result accepted.

Minor penalty: During the workout the athlete exhibits 1-4 no reps which will be removed, with the score being adjusted.

Major penalty: The athlete demonstrates 5+ no rep during the workout. Up to a 15% score reduction may be issued and applied to the score accordingly.

Invalid: Over the course of the workout the athlete fails to complete the workout correctly. A significant and unacceptable number of no reps are demonstrated. In this event the score will be rejected and the athletes score will be removed.


The judges decision is final and no appeal process may be entered into once the judging team has completed their review. It is the athletes responsibility to show clearly in their video (and beyond any doubt) that they met all the movement standards laid out in the workout description and completed the workout in good faith.


Q: Can I compete in multiple divisions within the online qualifier?

A: YES, an athlete may compete in multiple divisions. Should they qualify for the finals in more than one division, they will choose which invite they will accept to take up for the finals. Because of the limited spots in indi, you may want to register in pairs as well for the qualifier to make sure you lock down a spot.


Q: What if I don't make individual for the finals?

A: Get yourself a backup and join a buddy in pairs or trio for the qualifier too. If you want to compete you MAY need a backup plan. Individual will be a hottly contested event. That means you have to register for pairs/trio AS WELL in the qualifier. You'll only have to complete the workout once though.

Q: Can I compete in multiple divisions within the finals?

A: No, you’ll be spent enough competing in one category. Two days = LOTS of work.

Q: Can I replace a team member for the finals?

A: Yes, ONE team member may be replaced within a team.

Q: Do I have to complete the qualifier in the same location as my team-mates?

A: No. The workouts are done as individuals in the qualifier and logged as a team. You do not have to be in the same location as your team-mates.

Q: Do all team-mates have to record and submit videos for review?

A: Yes, you must record your workout. We will surprise you with one workout required at the end of the qualifier unknowne to you to review.

Q. What if my video didn’t work when I did the workout?

A: You know the answer to this one. It’s gonna hurt, but you’ll need to do it again. Use two cameras - one as a backup.