Event description

What is "Acid Bath"?

"Acid Bath" was a workout debuted at the 2018 Dubai CrossFit Championship. 

For time:
500m Ski
500m Row
1000m Bike

What are the Acid Bath Relays?

The Acid Bath Relays are a community event hosted by Vintage CrossFit in Houston, TX on Saturday, February 8th, 2020 from approximately 10:00AM-12:00PM (subject to change based on registrations). 

Teams of 2 will complete the Acid Bath workout as a relay (one person completes the full workout, followed by their partner). 

Teams can be MM, FF, or MF and will be ranked against their gender division. The event is open to everyone in the fitness community. Heat times will be emailed to participants a couple days before the event.

What do we get?

  • Acid Bath T-shirt or Tank Top for each participant
  • Opportunity to make new friends
  • Access to afterparty
  • A lot of lactic acid