Australian Functional Fitness Federation Super Online Qualifier

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Registration Opens 14/1/2020 @10am

OPEN Women
TEAMS (Co-ed teams of 4)
YOUTH 18'u (born 2002/2003)
YOUTH 16'u (born 2004/2005)

*Age is determined by athletes age on Dec 31st 2020
*Athletes are permitted to register in both individual and  team.


$35.00 Individual
$140.00 Team

1 test release every 2 weeks for 6 weeks. Tests may have 2 parts. Over the 6 weeks there will be up to 6 scoring opportunities total

Release 1
Release: 20th FEB – 11am
Submit: 4th MARCH – 10am

Release 2
Release: 5th MARCH – 11am
Submit: 30th JULY - 10am

Release 3
Release: 19th MARCH – 11am
Submit: 30th JULY - 10am

AFFF Tests are based on the 6 tests of the International Functional Fitness Federation

Mixed Modal

All individual athletes and teams must complete workouts RX and submit videos via Competition Corner.
We recommend using the WeTime app to video your workout.

Score Verification: 
Please Click HERE for more information

The following participants will qualify for the National Championships and compete for the opportunity to represent Australia on the AFFF National team.

OPEN - Top 11 male & female
YOUTH 18'u - Top 8 male & female
YOUTH 16'u - Top 8 male & female
TEAMS - Top 8

Athletes who have qualified for the 2020 National Final via any of the following sanctioned events 'The Aussie Throwdown, Chasing Better Throwdown and Capital Fitness Challenge' will receive an official invite once the Online qualifier is complete.

September 19th and 20th 2020
Fitter Futures, Indooroopilly, Brisbane, QLD

The following participants will qualify to represent Australia/Africa/Asia in the iF3 Continental Cup
INDIVIDUAL – Top 3 male & female
TEAMS – 1st place only

The Australian Functional Fitness Federation would like to announce that TOP 2 INDIVIDUAL MALE AND FEMALE athletes from the 2020 National Final will qualify directly into the 2021 iF3 World Championships held in QLD, Australia!

'World Championship host countries receive extra individual spots to the World Championship in their country. This rule has enabled the AFFF to offer tickets at the 2020 AFFF National Final for the 2021 Worlds in Australia.

The iF3 announced last week the addition of a live virtual Continental Cup to the 2020 season. The Continental Cup will feature the same individual and team athletes that would have attended the 2020 World Championships and will feature a preliminary and final round of competition held on subsequent weekends in December.In the preliminary round of competition, athletes will compete against other athletes from their continent during a 2 hour live but virtual competition featuring 6 tests. Athletes will participate in the competition from their own gyms, but be logged into an online streaming platform during their designated timeslot in order to see their competitors and take them on head to head.

The top three athletes and teams from each continental preliminary session will move on to the final round of competition, which will take place the following weekend. The format of the final round will mimic the preliminary round, but with 6 new tests. The final will be “new life” meaning all scores will reset going into the final. Additional details about the Continental Cup will be released in the coming months

Individual Intercontinental Champions (aka the first place individual male and individual female winner) will earn a spot to the 2021 iF3 World Championships held here in QLD, Australia!

Update on the youth virtual competition coming soon!

Can be found HERE

Can be found HERE

*Registration is Open to Australian residents only.
*Teams register as individuals.  Individual scores will be combined to build a team total. 
*Athletes CAN NOT compete in the National final as an individual and as part of a team.

Head to If3 Website for more information on the iF3

Australian Functional Fitness Federation Anti-Doping Policy 

The AFFF is actively working with ASADA to keep a clean and safe sport for all. 
All athletes are bound by the rules within the Australian Functional Fitness Federation Anti-Doping Policy