SlaughterFest 2020 - Salt Lake City UT

Onsite Competition for Teams

Event description

The seventh annual SlaughterFest has now expanded to Salt Lake City in 2020. This is teams of 2 athletes or 4 athletes, and is held indoor at Ute CrossFit. Expect 3-4 challenging workouts and an exciting winner-take-all finale! 

No refunds (but we allow you to get credit up to two weeks before the event). Grab a friend and get ready for the most fun you'll have at a competition all year! 

If this date doesn't work we have the same event (same WODs) in Puyalup WA and Salem OR, challenge a friend in those areas! 

NW Fit Games has been conducting elite fitness events since 2013 and has built a reputation in the NW for fun, safe, and well organized events. You can expect to have fair judges, well designed workouts, running on time, and all the other details that make fitness events fun and well organized. 

Please register for the correct division. Rx athletes should be on Rx teams. You will know the workouts ahead of time so you can select the division that best matches your skills.