Event description


What is COMPLETE Habits? - video! 

This 6 week challenge is meant to build lasting nutrtion habits through knowedge, accountability, interaction, and implementation. 

We will also work to improve body composition through consistency!


COMPLETE Habits Winners 

  • 1 winner will be determined by improvement through InBody assessment 
  • 1 winner will be determined by total HABITS based points accumulated 

Winners will win AWESOME prizes! 


COMPLETE Habits Timeline

January 2nd - January 12th

  • Registration on Competition Corner 

January 13th - January 18th- Enlistment Week 

  • Initial In-Body assessments 
  • Formation of accountability groups 

January 17th - February 28th   

  • Week 1-6 of COMPLETE HABITS Challenge 

March 2nd- March 6th 

  • Final InBody Assesments 
  • Annoucement of winner


COMPLETE Habits Outline 

Before the challenge begins on Friday January 17th, during Enlistment Week, we will help all participants 

  • Register on Competition Corner 
  • Complete an InBody assessment 
  • Form a personal accountability group 
  • Join Habits FB group (if you want to!) 

Every Friday morning, beginning January 17th, a weekly challenge packet will be delivered to you via our Habits Facebook Group AND/OR email. (You do not need Facebook to participate)  

This weekly packet will contain material, objectives, and ways to earn points for that week. 

Upon completion of the 7 day cycle, every Friday you are also responsible for posting your weekly score accumulated through assignments and habits that week on Competition Corner  

All participants will also recieve a mid-week packet that will reinforce our habits and goals! 

This flow of Friday to Friday will take place for 6 weeks building habits and accumulating knowledge, new skills, and points!

Following the final week, we will help each participant 

  • Complete a 2nd InBody assessment to track progress
  • Tally all HABITS based points 
  • Name winners and carry all our HABITS into 2020!