New Year. New You. Fit Duo Games

Event description

Brief on Comp

This competition is for those individuals to have an opportunity to compete with their buddy for the first time. 

The environment is for everyone (all levels) and fun.  


- Deadlift F-215-245 | M-275-325 lbs

- Power Clean or Squat Clean F-115-155 | M-155-205 lbs

- Push Jerk or Split Jerk F-110-150 | M-135-155 lbs

- Toes 2 bar

Scaled teams MUST BE ABLE

- Deadlift F-125-205 | M-205-255 lbs

- Power Clean or Squat Clean F-85-125 | M-105-145 lbs 

- Push Jerk or Split Jerk F-65-95 | M-75-115 lbs

- Knee Raises


Refund & Transfer Policy

ENTRY FEES ARE NOT REFUNDABLE for any reason, including inclement weather. This policy applies regardless of whether you become injured, have an unexpected business/family emergency, pregnancy, travel issues, etc. There are NO exceptions. Any inquiry regarding this policy will be directed back to this statement.

HOWEVER ENTRY FEES ARE TRANSFERABLE for any reason. Athletes may give or sell their entry to anyone else. Any athlete who needs to change, please contact the event Director immediately to change out the teammate.


What to Bring 

Any cold foods/fuel and any drink (No alcohol). 

You can bring your dog but please keep them on a leash.

You may bring chair or tent if you would like. 


What NOT to Bring

Things you question. 



Plenty of spots open.