Event description

FitCon Classic 2020

EVERY ATHLETE THAT SIGNS UP THIS YEAR WILL RECEIVE A 2 NIGHT STAY IN VEGAS. When you register to compete each athlete will receive the day of the competition:

1 Voucher for a 2 Night stay in Vegas
This covers 2 adults over the age of 21. 
$50 food voucher for your stay built in. 

Sorry did we start out too strong. Well lets dive into the rest. Welcome back and thank you for making the first FitCon Classic incredible!

Thank you so much to the athletes, CrossFit Game athletes, our sponsors, volunteers, organizers, and FitCon for making last year incredible. Thank you so much for helping set the stage the first year.

This year the FitCon Classic will be hosting a two day event on August 21-22. The venue again will be center stage at the FitCon expo for thousands to spectate and cheer you on. 

Our competition floor will challenge two person teams (MM or FF) this year. Athletes will have the choice to compete in 3 divisions. Elite, RX, and Scaled. Last year we had 212 athletes compete. This year the competition is scheduled to run 600 athletes or 300 teams. 


Last year CrossFit Game Athletes programed each workout. This year will be the same. Jacob Hepner has programmed the first WOD announcement and that will be released on 1.11.2020 when registration opens. 



Elite athletes will be treated like Game athletes. All movements, weights, and tests of fitness are fair game. If you want to see how it feels to perform like the best this is your division.

- All movements are fair game. Muscle ups, squat snatches/cleans, double-unders, etc are all part of the proving ground.


This will be the perfect middle ground. For those that are breaking out of the scaled division and want to be tested a little more, this is your division. This will be very similar to the elite division but lighter weight. All movements are fair game in this division as well but again the weight will not be as heavy as elite.

Masters Division

To qualify for masters we will be going off of a combined age. You and your partners combined age must be 70 or older. For example if you and your partners age is 35 then you would qualify for our Masters division. Likewise if your partner was 50 and your age was 20 you would qualify as well.
This will be treated as a lighter RX division and will be a Saturday only competition.

Because we will not be breaking this division  into multiple age groups we will be making this a RX Light division. Things that can be expected in this division:

All Bar Bell Movements. No limitations.

155#/105# cleans/squat cleans

55/35 dumbell movements

115/95 shoulder 2 over head movements

225#/155# dead lift

body weight movements: 

squats, burpees, box jumps/overs, pull ups, chest 2 bar, double unders. 

Things this division will not have that RX could see:

Handstand Push ups

Handstand Walks

Muscle Ups


I am most excited for this division. This is an incredible opportunity to jump into the competition world. Consider this your sweet 16 of competitions. Its fun! Its doable! Check out the movements below and think to your self, Oh yeah I can do that! I want as many scaled teams signed up as Elite/RX. I want this to be the best first competition for all!

These movements may be in your programming. (But are not limited to)
- Single Unders
-Body Weight Movements
- Lite Barbell Work
-Cleans no heavier than 135#
-Gymnastic movements will have possible pull ups. Dont worry if you cant do one you are on a team! Work together and have fun!


Please take note the amount of WODs per division. Scaled is a Saturday only event while Elite and RX will compete on Friday and Saturday. Elite and RX will compete in 5-6 WODs. Scaled will be 3-4. 

Friday will run from 4PM-7:30PM for Elite and RX Teams. 

Saturday will run for all divisions from 7AM - 5 PM. 

This schedule may go through changes. If any changes happen athletes will be notified.