Evolve Strength Classic - Functional Fitness

Onsite Competition for Individuals

Event description

The Evolve Strength Classic is a 3 Sport Competition to bring together and celebrate strength sports. There will be 3 seperate compeitions - Functional Fitness, Powerlifiting and Olympic Lifting. As we aim to grow this event year over year, we hope to make it sanctioned with all governing bodies, starting this year as sanctioned under 100% RAW Powerlifting.

As there are 3 seperate events, athletes can choose to register for 1 event (Functional Fitness, Powerlifiting or Olympic Lifting) or all 3 events (please note, 3 seperate registration fees apply).

Refund Policy

No refunds will be issued once registration is confirmed.

Substitution Policy

No Substitutions will be allowed for Powerlifting, however substitutions can be made for Olympic Lifting and Functional Fitness Competitions.

What not to bring

The Evolve Strength Classic beleives in fair competition and has a ZERO tolerance of PEDs, and testing will be conducted on site if ahtletes are suspected to be breaking this policy.

The Evolve Strength Classic ALSO loves dogs, but we ask for this event to please leave your fur babies at home.


Parking can be found both in front and behind the Evolve Strength Sunridge located at 2985 23 Ave NE, Calgary, AB.