Event description

Double Trouble 2021

+++ The new Dates for the start of qualifier will be July 1st - August 1s+++

Double Trouble is partner competition, searching for the fittest team in Europe and beyond. A Team consists either of 2 male athletes or 1 female and 1 male athlete.

Although there is no separate scaled division, all workouts have a scaling option. That makes the Double Trouble qualifier possible for all levels.

Divisions: Mixed Team (m/f) and Male Team (m/m)

Registration open from 01st January 2020 until August 1st

Finals will happen in Cologne, Germany on 2nd/3rd October

Exclusive. What athletes appreciate most about Double Trouble is the personal atmosphere and the eye for detail. We strive to deliver highest quality for our athletes, volunteers, spectators and sponsors. Therefore, spots for the final event will be limited to the 40 top teams from all over Europe.

Versatile. Double Trouble is taking place in at least two different locations, testing the fitness of athletes in many different types and ways. Whether it is weightlifting, running, swimming, gymnastics or something completely different.  Prepare for the unknown.

Worthwhile. It is our mentality to add value in everything we do. Not only by creating a unique competition, but also through high rewards for participating athletes. Therefore, we will pay out the Europe’s highest cash prizes for podium teams (35k)

Community. We all love to sweat and compete within our own gym communities. Anyybody can participate in the qualifier! Team up with your favorite gym buddy and challenge yourself! The community with the most participants will win an ATX equipment voucher worth 5000€.


Good Luck !