Signature AMBUSH (V-Day Edition) Partner M/F

Onsite Competition for Teams

Event description

Signature AMBUSH Partner returns...but this time it's our Valentine's Edition! Guy/Gal teams. Remember that duo, Bonnie & Clyde? Yeah, you're going to be hurting at the end of the two hours!

If you LOVE to compete, but hate how long competitions take. Well then this competition is PERFECT for you and your partner!

No more waking up super early to register and hear the athlete briefing and then having to wait 2 hours til your first WOD. No more waiting hours between WODs. No more having to warm up and cool down between WODS. No more packing food to last you all day at the comp. No more fighting for warm up equipment with folks from different divisions

Signature AMBUSH you will get 5 Scored Events and be done in under 2 hours. This competition is designed to really test the athletes to perform with short rest periods. As soon as the last heat is finished, we'll get things ready for the next workout with heat one. 

Athletes will check-in: 1-hour before their division time slot. 

Workout 1 (8 min total)
Partner 1 - Max Clean (4 min)
Partner 2 - Max Jerk (4 min)
*This is a two score workout. The teams will pick which athlete is doing which lift. Which means there's a chance you might have a female's score on a Clean going against a a male's score. 
 Workout 2 (3 AMRAP)
8 Synchronized Single Arm DB Thrusters
8 Synchronized DB Facing Burpees
8 Synchronized Single Arm DB Overhead Lunges
*This workout is for Rounds & Reps. 
RX: 50/35 DB; Scaled: 35/25 DB
Workout 3 (6 EMOM AMRAP)
Every minute, cash in w/ 10 HSPU (RX); 15 HRPU (Scaled)
Odd minute: C2B (RX); Pull-ups (Scaled)
Even minute: Deadlift (RX: 185/135); (Scaled: 135/95)
*This workout is for combined reps on both movements. RX only, the HSPU will be completed with one person holding the HSPU position arms locked out and while the other person completes the reps. The team may switch at any point at any portion of this workout. 
Workout 4 (For time, 9 min Cap)
100 Double Unders (RX); 150 Single Unders (Scaled)
25 Thrusters (Partner A)
25 Thrusters (Partner B)
25 Box Jump Overs (Partner B)
25 Box Jump Overs (Partner A)
100 Double Unders (RX); 150 Single Unders (Scaled)
*This workout is for time! Any rep not completed under the time cap will be added as a second on total time. For every break on the jump rope or barbell, the team will perform 5 wall balls as a punishment. Once the 5 reps are complete, the team will continue on with the workout. The jump rope is split anyway the team chooses, but a switch is considered a break. Also note that Partner B is performing Thrusters and Box Jump Overs back to back while Partner A waits.
RX: 135/95, 30/24", 20/14 to 11/10' target
Scaled: 95/65, 24/20", 20/14 to 10/9' target