Event description

The Black Forest Throwdown 2020 is a one-day CrossFit® fun competition for beginner and intermediate athletes taking place in Ortenberg - Germany with the goal of bringing together individual athletes from around the world to compete in the spirit of fitness and fun.

There is no qualifier for the Black Forest Throwdown.

In order to register for the Black Forest Throwdown, every athlete must complete the Registration.

No refund.

Workouts posted on Instagram! Shirt size not binding. Only canceled shirts

    Level 1:  Beginner/Novice

Suitable for CrossFit athletes doing scaled workouts and those just starting. 

Skills include: 


    Level 2:  Intermediate


Suitable for RX level athletes or those that are "mostly" RX. 


Skills include:

You should be able to do:

Clean and Jerk 1x bodyweight
Snatch 0.6x bodyweight
OHS 0.6x bodyweight
Chest to bar Pull-ups
Toes to bar
Double Unders

  -- No Elite Athletes wanted --



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