Event description

What’s better than a BFF that you can wod with? Grab a partner for CFE's "Two Peas in a Pod" same sex partner competition! This is a 2-person same sex partner competition open for all athletes. Divisions include Male and Female - Scaled, RX, and 40+ RX and Scaled. Join us on on May 15, 2021 at 9:00AM for this friendly and challenging partner competition.

* This event will be held both inside and outside. One wod and the floater will be outside. Two wods inside with (2) floor to ceiling 2-story garage doors open and lots of open windows. Equipment will not be shared. See current MA guidelines regarding masks.

Cost: $150 per team* - T-Shirts for all who register by 4/23/21

WODS and Q&A are here.

Prizes in each Division
8 Divisions – Male RX, Female RX, Male Scaled, Female Scaled, Male Average Age 40+ RX*, Female Average Age 40+ RX*, Male Average Age 40+ Scaled*, and Female Average Age 40+ Scaled*

*For the Average Age 40+ divisions the average age of the two athletes must be over 40.
#1 - Athlete 1 is 45 and Athlete 2 is 36 - Average age is 40.5
#2 - Athlete 1 is 61 and Athlete 2 is 25 - Average age is 43

Examples #1 and #2 can compete in Average Age 40+ Division,

4 WODS(one may be a floater) for all

Competition Standards:
All RX:
Cleans (Any Style Power or Squat) (135/95 or for Weight)
Shoulder to Overhead (135/95)
Deadlift (225/155)
Push Ups
Thrusters (50/30 Dumbbell or 95/65 Barbell)
Snatch (Any style Power or Squat) (50/30 Dumbbell or 95/65 Barbell or for weight)
Kettlebell Swings- American – (53/35)
Double Unders
Box Jumps (24/20)
Pull Ups
Walls Balls (20/14)

All Scaled:
Cleans (Any Style Power or Squat) (95/65 or for Weight)
Shoulder to Overhead (95/65)
Deadlift (135/95)
Push Ups – Hand release
Thrusters (30/20 Dumbbell or 65/50 Barbell)
Snatch (Any style Power or Squat) (30/20 Dumbbell or 75/55 Barbell or for weight)
Kettlebell Swings – Russian (53/35) or American - (35/26)
Box Jumps (Step Ups Allowed) (24/20)
Single Unders
Wall Balls (20/14)
Assisted/Jumping Pull Ups
Hanging Knee Raises

Note: The above standards represent the general level of fitness and strength required for each division and activities/skills may vary on the day of the competition


* NO REFUNDS/TRANSFERS will be permitted, regardless of reason (injury, illness, change in work schedule, deployment, pregnancy, etc.)

* MA COVID safety and cleaning guidelines followed.

* Per current MA COVID guidelines, equipment will not be shared.

* Two over-sized garage doors will be open throughout the event.