44th District Throwdown

Onsite Competition for Teams

Event description

The 44th District Throwdown is a two-person, same sex competition to support the Foundation's battle against chronic disease and Big Soda. The 44th Congressional District has the highest rate of diabetes in California. We are working to change that. And we need your help. Come out and join us for a great day for great cause.

There will be an opportunity to meet Greg Glassman, founder and CEO of . We'll also introduce you to Nanette Barragan, candidate for Congress in the 44th District and out-spoken critic of Big Soda. There will be food, a raffle, prizes. We'll also have an information table about chronic disease, diabetes, and public health in the 44th District. 

Come join us for the day. Bring your families. It will be a lot of fun and a great way for you to make a difference right here in your community. 

Entry Fees:

Team $120 
Teams of two same sex any level of athlete.

The Workouts:

-Event 1A and 1B

Event 1A
5 minutes for you and your partner to establish a max. Score = total weight between you and your partner.

The complex is:
1 Push Jerk+1 Split Jerk
Starting off the rack, both reps must be done without dropping or re-racking the weight. Does not need to be touch-and-go but is allowed.

1 minute rest after 5 minutes are up, then followed immediately by Event 1B:

Event 1B
2 Minute AMRAP of thrusters between you and your partner.
Rx: 135/95
Int: 95/65
Beg: 75/55

The reps may be split up however the team wishes.

-Event 2
4 rounds for time relay style (2 rounds each)
15 calorie row
25 russian KB swings
35 Double unders

Rx: 72/53
Int: 53/35
Beg: 35/26, Single Undersx2

-Event 3
44th district Chipper for time
44 hang cleans
44 box jumps
44 partner over burpees
44 chest to bar pull ups
44 partner over burpees
40 box jumps
40 hang cleans

Reps may distributed however team likes, each athlete must perform at least one rep at each station. 

Rx: 155/110, 30'/24', chest to bar
Int: 135/95, 24'/20', pull ups
Beg: 95/65, 24'/20' step-ups allowed, ring rows